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A Note from Marcy

A Passion for Home Baking,
The Baker's Batch of New Recipes

August 2003  Recipe Mailer
Recipe Reproduction or Krispier Kreme Doughnuts from scratch.

Hello Fellow Bakers and Friends of

Summer is breezing by and it seems a blur of flour, butter, and baseball infinitum, courtesy of the baker’s sons. I have baked acres and acres of Famous Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies and Canadian Country Fair Fried Dough to ensure that three teams I support are batting over 500. But I have also had a titch of time to create some new specialties just for you. Check out ,  Vintage Fruit Cocktail Cake, Golden Chocolate Chip Sour Cream Cake and .

Of the Krispie Kreme doughnuts from scratch, let me say two things: the recipe exists all over the Internet (the exact same one) but seemingly untested. Nothing indicated anyone has ever made them. I never trust anonymous, untested recipes. Turns out, it did need tweaking and a baker’s loving touch but the results, according to one of our fussiest taste testers, were ‘wicked good’. I even weighed store-bought Krispie Kreme doughnuts to get the proportions perfect! A fried Krispie Kreme doughnut is exactly 50 grams. The Vintage Fruit Cocktail Cake with its lick-the-pot clean caramelized buttery glaze is a one-of-a-kind treasure. I saw it as a specialty, frozen cake at a Canada Loblaw's store, read the package back and thought yup, I'm in to try this. It was so weird to pass up which meant it was probably quirky/delicious. And it is. As for the Golden Chocolate Chip Sour Cream Cake, it is honestly, one of the best cakes I ever baked. Awhile back, I happened on some riveting scones, or were they macaroons or cookies? Whatever…there they were, in a huge basket in a local café. "They are health cookies. They have kamut or spelt', said the girl who bagged one up for me. One taste of what was termed health food (if that is health food, I’ll eat my first edition Adelle Davis book) convinced me – figure this recipe out now and make it at home! My version uses chunks of Sesame Snap candy brittle.Well worth the 2-3 test runs, this cookie is more of a hybrid macaroon/scone. It is golden, crisp, chewy, and sports kamut and sunflower seeds and a sense of well-being in each bite.  Don't forget the .

Check out our cover art too. You will see a chocolate painted masterpiece, Edward Hoppers famed Nighthawks, done by another inspired American artist, Jean Wertz. Read about her and her work at the site.

And now, some notes of business.

We have been tweaking our recipes and our look. Please note some subtle but slick design changes. We are slowly making things easier to navigate, and honing a more sophisticated look while still retaining the character and warmth is known for. We were never a bells-and-whistle site; as one visitor said, you are unique but substantial. BB is supposed to be a respite on the net, as baking is a respite from the hectic pace of life.

New book? Give us your input!

We are considering a limited edition, special run, of When Bakers Cook, 175 Best Cooking Recipes from I wanted to put my best Caesar Salad, Buffalo Wings, Restaurant Style Onion Soup, Buttermilk Soaked Chicken, Coca Cola Brisket, Beer Butt Chicken, and more, all in a cookbook. This would be a nice, one-of-a-kind companion cooking volume to The Best of It would be organized by Breakfast, Appetizers, Soups, Salads, Chicken, Beef and Fish, Pasta, Pizza, and a few stellar desserts (Sticky Pudding, Chocolate Pots). Please email if you are interested so we get an idea of the popularity of this book and the print run we will do. By the way, a sequel to the first baking book is in the works. That is inevitable.

Recipe Archive Memberships – New Ways to Subscribe
BB Introduces $4.99 for one month, all recipes, unlimited use of my 
Complete Recipe Archives.  (p.s. there is also a 3-month special, read on)

We know our $34.99 is a deal. We also know everyone likes options.

For those of you that want to simply try our site for a month, or print out one special recipe or two,  or go easy on your budget, we now offer a newly installed by-the-month rate, three month rate, or our best value, annual rate. This is all on our Recipe Archive Membershp at the site but now, and conveniently via Paypal, you can join us at $4.99 unlimited recipes for a month, $11.99 for three months, or $34.99 a year (which is about half price). You can also buy a gift certificate with a special friend, a birthday treat, or thoughtful gift (without wrapping a thing!). With over 1200 recipes on file, you are getting about 14 cookbooks’ worth, at least, for pennies. Tested, original recipes!

As always, baking and cooking advice from a pro is on the house and delivered faster than dry cleaning.

Kitchenaid and Marcy Goldman/ Goes Live

Launching August 12th, you can chat with the experts at Kitchenaid and guest cookbook author, Marcy Goldman. See BB front page, at Kitchenaid link for details.

Please enjoy the new batch of recipes in this mailer. Look forward to my big, bold, new issue is coming up just after Labor Day. For now, my BB test kitchen is in vacation mode which means the good baker is in, but the burners are on simmer. That sound is the creak of my hammock and that scent is lemon tea with a warm oatmeal cookie nearby. I am reading Seabiscuit (you gotta see the movie), hoping a baseball does not land on my nose, and crossing my fingers that summer 2003 doesn’t wind down with yet another window smashed. (Is it me, or does everyone’s local glass store owner know them by first name? How Marcy, how are the boys? Did you bring the measurements?"….sigh).

Enjoy August everyone,
Wishing you sweet times always,

Marcy Goldman
Author, Head Baker, Editor and Host Boulanger
Est. 1997-2003 (c)

A Passion for Home Baking,
The Baker's Batch of New Recipes

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