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June 2017 A Note from Marcy

Summertime and you want your baking simple and simply delicious. Sugar-topped Blueberries and Cream Muffins does the trick. Or you can try a batch of Covfefe, AKA Rocky Road Biscotti to munch on while you're Tweeting. All this and more recipes in the June 2017 Issue of

Dear All,

You’d think summer weather would be a cue to cool down the baking and put the kitchen in slow mo. But every day I see something new to bake or cook. Spring-going-into summer generally puts me into a lower gear (I am not one too fond of the heat) but lately, I seem to have a surfeit of energy (it’s all the hot yoga classes).  I am characteristically a victim of impulse and sudden appetites and clearly, as I grow up, that’s not abating. All I have to is glance at the baking boards on Pinterest and I want to revisit old favorites like Tollhouse and Oatmeal Cookies but with a twist. I happen to see a new food magazine and now I want to make Hollandaise and Avocado Toast on Sourdough Bread. A Saturday market parked down the street has me craving free range, organic chicken eggs and the vegetarian book club makes me want to try cashew cheesecake. Maybe I’ll finally make that spoon bread I’ve never once made, or real corn tortillas (anyone else following the Blue Zone dietary suggestions?). Maybe, given the state of Twitter these days, it’s the occasion of Covfefe Cookies (that’s code for Rocky Road Cookies, a treat that is happily as mixed up as some people’s Tweets). 

You see this is what happens when you don’t have a regular day job. You run amuck; you’re happily untethered. The good part is it lets your imagination run wild; the down side is that it makes for chaos in the kitchen. I have a freezer full of doughs (some of which I’ve taken the time to label otherwise it’s anyone’s guess whether those Ziploc bags are pate sucre or rugulah dough), streusel toppings, bits of dulce de leche, half packets of filo, some mongrel containers of mashed bananas and a sourdough starter at the ready. I almost miss the days when the only thing I could bake was Eggs in a Hole and 1,2,3,4 Cake (which has to be the heaviest butter cake on the planet).

I keep promising myself that I will focus on just one thing but the bigger my repertoire the more exalted my reach. The days of summer are longer, that’s true but not long enough to bake it all.  So I compromise: I make a few new things, perfect some classics and once in a while treat myself to things I simply just happen to love: like a mellow, rustic  Honey Bran Challah or the Blueberry Cornbread that graces this month’s cover.

I know June means some of you are baking for convocations and graduations, Father’s Day, summer weddings, summer birthdays and the arrival of new babies. Some of you, like me, are simply baking for the sheer pleasure of it. Family and friends are the beneficiaries of our craft and passion.  So get out the flour, crank up the range and put on that apron and join me on another baking journey., now in its 20th year, has surfed over the days of Atkins, Paleo, gluten-free, bad carbs and wicked sugar and now? For a short time, I think it is indeed safe to come out and bake something for the undisputed joy of it. It’s June – school’s out! Camp Baking is off to a great start!

(A gentle reminder that ALL my cookbooks are on sale for one low price of $4.99 for the entire month of June. If you have the print book, it’s great to have an electronic copy. Lots of folks have the print book and buy the e-book for their kids to bake in tandem. And for those who asked – yes! I plan to put the Holiday Cookie Book in print (as well as an e-book) this coming fall).

Happy Baking everyone, take it easy, and don't forget to breathe the lilacs and take some hammock time,

Warm wishes from my kitchen to yours,

Marcy Goldman
Master Baker, Author
 1997 - 2017
Celebrating Our 20th Anniversary Year

Recipe Collection for June 2017

FREE Blueberries and Cream Muffins

Sometimes you just want a classic treat but done as delectable as possible. This is the ticket.

Bran Honey Challah 
Mellow, rustic challah with touches of wholesome bran and honey.

FREE Covfefe, AKA Rocky Road Biscotti
Decadent and fun biscotti with a whismical note.

Jane Austen's Oat and Golden Raisin Scones
My own favorite scone - it's perfection of crusty exterior, tender interior and just the right amount of raisins and cranberries.
Cue a pot of tea and open Pride and Prejudice once again.

FREE Sour Cream Cornbread with Blueberries
I can't resist cornbread in a cast iron pan especially when it's an particularly moist and golden version of this classic.

Mixed Berry Cobbler Bars
Over 3000 people downloaded when it first appeared!

Rolled Pizza Bread
Is there any way to make pizza that isn't delicious?


$4.99, any Ebook of mine, all month – one low price.

For the entire month of June, I’ve been able to price all my books at $4.99. For 30 full days, you can purchase any book you like at the same low price AND get 4 months bonus of Free All Recipe Access to Just send me your e-receipt. If the links don’t link, you’ll have to cut, paste and put them in your browser.

Ebook Jewish Holiday Baking


Ebook The New Best of

Ebook The Baker’s Four Seasons

Ebook When Bakers Cook

Ebook A Passion for Baking

Ebook Best Holiday Cookies

Ebook Love and Ordinary Things ($2.99)




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