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April 2017 A Note from Marcy



April Baking means Great Eggspectations! Easter or Passover, you've got to get crackin'. Free Daffodil Cheesecake, Free My Famous Matzoh Caramel Buttercrunch, Free Passover Almond Chocolate Horns and more! A Baker's Dozen of recipes to celebrate Spring!



Dear Friends and Fellow Bakers,

It’s already April 1st and I am still uploading this website for a new month of baking with BB. The joke, as they say, is on me since I promised myself I’d get to things ‘on time’. Instead, I am downing gallons of scalding Earl Grey tea, nibbling on Strawberry Rhubarb Tart edges and madly getting this issue together for your enjoyment. Good news! As I write this I have received word I am off the Yoga Wait List and scheduled for class in 90 minutes. So, I’d best hurry!

The recipes of the month are light in spirit, as is the month of April. Sometimes April starts with a snowfall, or tender sun but  other times, as it is today, April can be damp, foggy and gray. But winter’s clutch is an echo of what it was and your spirits can't help but lift because robins, morning walks, birds returning home, daffodils peeking through wet earth are inevitable – and infinitely cheering. That said, I love the winter because it is made for bakers. But then come April, bearing with it Easter and Passover to celebrate plus all those April food holidays! For instance, April lst is National Sourdough Day, April 6th salutes and April 14th is Coffee Cake Day and April 26th is Soft Pretzel Day. (I vote April 10th, this year, as National Matzoh Buttercrunch Day). Who knew?

The Hamantashen Bake It Forward inaugural year was a success! Emails poured in from those of you who baked and gave out Purim pastries to all and sundry. Clearly, giving baking to strangers is not easy but the fun and warm reception made it more than worth it. One of the best responses on all this was via Helene Cohen Bludman, one of my long-time readers and an accomplished writer and baker herself. Read more in Let’s do this next year too. But meanwhile, you don’t have to wait to Purim to bake it forward. Sweeten the world anytime you like.

I’ve been busy with my testers putting the finishing touches on the new Biscotti cookbook I’ve been working on. I also, as you know, managed to get my cookbook The Tenth Anniversary of a Treasury of Jewish Holiday Baking back in print (and ebook). Not only is this one of my favorite books (and my first cookbook) it wins for having the longest title in cookbook history. The Passover chapter is a stand-alone book itself.

Now that I’ve crossed over into self-publishing I am again reminded of my neighbourhood newspaper I produced when I was a girl. I don’t know what possessed me but The Goldman Times was up and running in the late 60’s. It included a sports column, news of the street and a gossip column. Oddly, it didn’t have a food column. The Goldman Times lasted about 4 months.

As life and time went on, I always felt that one day I’d be in publishing. When I became an author I thought: There, that’s it – close enough. I’m in publishing. But I guess that feeling was more prophetic than I knew because I am indeed now, a publisher (as well as an author and professional baker). River Heart Press now has eight titles under its wing and more to come before the year is out.

It’s a little strange having that premonition (about become a publisher) come to pass but it reminds me that we often ignore our instincts. You can tell a bad recipe when you look at it (have I not taught you anything?), a dubious person with their handshake and false hope (lose eight pounds in one week; earn a million dollars for life working at home) because one has knowledge but also instinct. Alas, too often we ignore it. I wonder why because ignoring instinct (for me) only results in something nipping me on the nose sooner or later. But maybe that’s why we do ignore instinct because we’re going to have to deal, or do without, or walk away or hold out for better. If we listen to our instincts we also know we’re going to have to do something a bit difficult and that brings discomfort.

As it’s April which can go the way of the fool or a fresh start, I’m voting for fresh starts, both in the kitchen and life.  I encourage you to do the same. Drop what no longer serves and gently relinquish the old guard, shrug off what was or gently forgive it and the version of you that lived it. Embrace instinct. It’s never too late to eat, bake or or live organically and in the long run, it’s always healthier.



Marcy Goldman
Author, Master Baker
Est. 1997


April 2017
Recipes of the Month

FREE My Famous Matzoh Caramel Buttercrunch Over 38,920 downloads
FREE Maple Hot Cross Buns

FREE Daffodil Cheesecake
Stuffed Brisket
Mazurka Bars
French Strawberry Rhubarb Tart
Greek Filo Custard Pastries
FREE Almond Chocolate Horns
Deep Dish Passover Apple Cake
Flourless Maple Almond Walnut Cookies
Passover Twisted Brownie Blondie Squares
Passover Picnic Style Chicken Schnitzel

FREE Apricot Scone Loaf
FREE Passover Paris Brest









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