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March 2017 A Note from Marcy



Who can resist hamanatashen? Enjoy Free Bakery Style Hamantashen Dough, Free Maamaoul or Syrian Pastries, and Blueberry Cheesecake Hamantashen, as well as Greek Cinnamon Cookies  Rustic Sprouted Wheat Bread and some other goodies for St. Pat's. Behold the baking centric month of March. 

Dear Bakers and Friends,

It’s that third month of the year, the one where I’m pulled by conflicting baking traditions from soda bread and St. Pat’s to Purim delicacies such as hamantashen and a bundle of random recipes I’ve always wanted to make. 

Much like the month of March itself with bi-polar, inconsistent weather (it’s spring, it’s winter, i.e. it doesn’t know what it wants), I realize, with no little frustration, that I can’t decide what to bake and I certainly won’t get to bake it all. But ah – what a luxury that is, to have so much that impassions you, that you can’t choose and there’s not enough time!  All things considered, that’s a blessing we should all have or at least, desire. True, we will never get it all done which means because time and energy might be of low supply, but profoundly experienced and pursued passions will never wane. In Warren Buffet terms, a great passion or a few is blue chip stock of life stuff. Besides which, I’d sooner be flooded and overwhelmed than have ennui. 

The bottom line is as always, you, my baking friends, get to enjoy diverse recipes that are fresh from my kitchen to yours. I tend to share with you, in recipes, where I happen to be myself. That could be Nutella Soda Bread (but thankfully, it’s not), or a healthy Sprouted Wheat Bread (a better carb) and a batch of Greek Cinnamon Cookies, along with Mamoul, a delightful Syrian pastry/cookie that’s ideal for Purim. If you think that’s both a great-sounding recipe and not-so-subtle shout-out of welcome to new neighbors in Montreal and anywhere else, you’re right. The Sprouted Wheat bread is inspired by some diet research I’ve been doing and the wonderful sprouted wheat flour  I worked with is a gift from King Arthur Flour. The Greek Cinnamon Cookies are because I had something similar at a Vegan Greek Jewish restaurant in Montreal (any one of those classifications would have been feast enough) and had to replicate them. 

I’ve also been reviewing some great, new equipment and products and the first of of these product reviewers can be found here,  BRAUN.  A household word in North America in the 80's and 90's Braun has recently relaunched in North America and the new generation of Braun products are simply outstanding. Have a look. 

Other than that, I’ve been researching weight-loss diets and it's very confusing: eat more fat or avoid all fat, avoid sugar, avoid dairy or enjoy dairy, eat eggs to lower cholesterol or flee anything chicken and egg, fast 16 hours or eat 6 little meals a day and this advice across the board: sleep more. The bottom line about diets is that the most successful (i.e. long lasting) eating plans are lifestyle ones, starve and shed. Those diets (the word in itself has become decontextualized) aren't for most people, sustainable. Second, not all diets fit all sizes. One persons short or long-term success isn't the map for someone else.
Third, what can make you lose weight is great if your goal is solely less flesh but it might impact on other systems (like your liver, bad cholesterol, mood, hormonal systems et al). This needs more research and I intend to pursue it.  Having having read so much contrary information from the most authorative, respected nutritional talking heads, as well as experimented with many diets of the day and those from yesteryear, I am fascinated how something so seemingly simple, simply isn't. 

I've also been gobbling up books (just bought Hamilton and given it’s girth, I think I am down for the count for a good while), cruising the movies (you have to see Hidden Figures and A Man Called Ove), running, walking, swimming, yoga-ing, biking and wearing out my tango shoes. Meditation (eight years and counting) has changed my life but I am probably preaching to the converted or resistant which means, waxing on about it probably won't serve us. (But let me just say, meditation changed my life. Ask any of my friends).

Oh and lest I forget! I am that close to getting Jewish Holiday Baking back into print and e-book! 

In addition, I am getting the Best of into an e-book at a super price so you can all have an e-book copy at hand. I only push about these things because in lieu of  baking for you all personally, I really think these are comprehensive books on baking that are each so different and special. The nice part of self-publishing is that none of an author’s books ever have to disappear or go out of print. With some effort (ok, Herculean effort), one can rescue gold (one’s books) and bring them back into the light again. With luck, my first cookbook, Jewish Holiday Baking  (new edition with the photos) should be available for April. 

I wish you happy times in the kitchen. 

Warm wishes from Montreal, 

Marcy Goldman
Author, Master Baker
Est. 1997


March 2017 Recipes of the Month


Free Irish Whisky Apple Cake
Free!!! Maamaoul or Syrian Pastries
Cheddar Irish Soda Bread
Baileys Irish Cream Brownies
Free!!! Bakery Style Hamantashen Dough
Blueberry Cheesecake Hamantashen

Free!! Sprouted Wheat Bread
Greek Cinnamon Cookies

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