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January 2017 A Note from Marcy

January 2017 A Note from Marcy



Dear Friends and Fellow Bakers,

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Free Old-Fashioned Crumpets, Apple Baba Muffins, Gilmore Girls Buttermilk Blueberry Pancakes and more in the January 2017 Issue of (recipes follow the newsletter)


Dear Bakers and Friends,

 I am delighted to share the January 2017 (or end of 2016) BB newsletter with you a bit early since it is a holiday weekend upon us.  As I look ahead to 2017, all I can think of is old-fashioned baking. There were years I couldn't wait to make another decadent crazy dessert to beguile you with and now, I'm for rustic breads, breakfast rolls, fresh bagels, and cookies. It's also the tonic for holiday feasting. Come Valentine's Day, I'll recant.

I won’t go into what a (bad) year 2016 most people are saying it was since despite the news of the day, 2016 has been, for me, a pretty good year. I began running again, upped my meditation practise, published a new cookbook and am most honored to have been named one of’s top 10% of writers (that people read). That's astounding and I owe so much of that to you. I come with an entourage, i.e. you: my baking friends – who seem to support me in all I do. If you need a cheer-leader, I hope I can return the favor. For me, most of 2016 was a year that was filled with bliss, gratitude and overall well-being. In the wake of those positive moods, I have an unrivaled, fresh focus and commitment as both a writer and a baker.

My new site, is still being worked on but that too, will have its debut. (I will keep this site as well). That said, please forgive the glitches in the newsletter - it's utterly beyond my control or expertise but I trust you'll get your recipes safe and sound.

Food Trends 2016-2017 aka Just Put an Egg On It

But onto food: what are the food trends of the hour? Well, some things from 2016 made their way to 2016 and into 2017 – things like bowl food (and Poke Bowls), more kale, pulses and grains. Non vegetarians are enjoying vegetarian food and more nuts (and berries) are making their way into the baking. Avocados have all but replaced coconut as the fat of the moment and Sriracha Hot Sauce and all manner of exotic (to us) spice rules the day – from Japanese horseradish, to bespoke cinnamon and organic turmeric for your Turmeric Latte. Middle Eastern cuisine is still at the helm along with fusion Asian, Korean, Syrian, and both West and North African. Fermented foods (kim chi, kombucha and good old pickles but small batch, artisanal kosher dills) are dwindling but there's an emergence of smoked foods as well as mead, kombucha’s honey-ed understudy now making waves. Flavored sodas and seltzers will rule (as well they should), pour-over coffee, K-cups and Japanese green tea.

Pink salt has been upstaged by Baharat (cumin, pepper, nutmeg and more) or my preferred spice mix, Doah, which I make at home and sprinkle on everything but especially on top of  libanais (yogurt cheese that spreads like cream cheese) on pita or bagels. (My recipe for it, aka Doah Spice is below).

Speaking of spice, flavored, homemade popcorn will be quite at home in 2017 so get a batch ready for Oscar time. Sprinkle your popcorn with cheese powder, herbs, spices or hot sauce or garam masala.

When it comes to spice – please open your palate to new ones and new suppliers. Paprika alone can be an adventure – so buy small amounts of spice anywhere you can find it and by all means, be as fussy as you can. Become a spice connoisseur. You are the master of your domain so exercise some mastery in your spice choices.

Gloppy poached eggs on everything will continue so expect to see that everywhere but on top of apple pie or omelette (where it would be redundant). Homemade breakfast sandwiches (thanks to the expense and dubious nutrition of drive-thru ones) are on the rise.

On the sweet front, caramel rules although salted caramel is on the wane; M&M is debuted White Chocolate Cheesecake M&M’s (in May 2017, watch out for Caramel M&M’s), there’s desserts in a Mason jar (Red Velvet Cake, Carrot Cake) and I think butter-based French classics like Bretagne Butter Cookies and Kouig Aman (aka Cruffins) will grow in popularity. Funky ice-cream flavors in funkier cones (waffles, pancakes, croissants) will blossom by spring, Fried Oreos, mini-cakes in shot glasses, sprinkles (on cakes, in milkshakes and stuffed into croissants).

In my own sweet world view, I predict a cinnamon bun revival, banana pudding and chocolate cream pie (things are tough: we want comfort foods) and an extension of cereal-based desserts.  Wholesome, old-fashioned white breads will have their day along with all types of bagels and grilled cheese sandwiches. Scones will have a slight come back but more so in the savory scone venue. Great toast with artisanal or imported butters will find their way to tea and snack time along with (let’s hope) English Muffins, Crumpets and  Biscuits.  (I capitalize those things to indicate to you their importance to me as a baker). I also think burgers, pan-fried steak, more deli food and diner style tuna sandwiches will nudge out all things Paleo or Paltrow. Count on old-fashioned raisins to make a comeback (move over dried cranberries) and dried mango to earn a blue ribbon (does anything taste better unless it's mango with Nutella spread on it).

Perfume, Music, Lipstick - the Girl Stuff

On the cultural side of things, I am reading memoirs galore, (download a Kindle sample of anything, read and then decide what to borrow from your library or purchase), listening to the soundtrack of LaLa Land via Spotify (which to me is one of the easiest, free music platforms going).

As for perfumes, sugary vanilla perfumes are so 2015 and cooler florals are sneaking in or florals with vanilla. La Vie Est Belle can still turn heads. Green Tea, Orange Blossom, Leather and Spirits (cognac and brandy scented perfumes) are the fragrance notes to be aware of, as well as musk and sandalwood and accept it. Unisex scents are now in vogue so if you want to smell like a girl, head for classic brands. Otherwise go rogue and Tom Fords line or try Stash (which is earthy and sweaty) from Sara Jessica Parker. I am also simply using essential oils (Jasmine, Clementine) for perfumes and in the air as fresh home scent. Celebrity scents are scant right now (no loss there) and even the major perfume houses are trying to create scents that really do smell different on everyone; artisanal, natural perfumers are getting their due and perfecting their craft.

Above all - it's a new year and a new you. So please consider a new scent. Holding onto signature scents (Martha Stewart still wears Fracas, apparently) is understandable but when it comes to perfume, your 'good old scent' can easily make you smell like your grandmother or eldest kid's kindergarten teacher, circa 1986 - all powdery and dark spice. I don't dispute the craftsmanship of an iconic perfume or your 'scent' but what was new in 1986 can smell just old and tired in 2017. Plus a new scent ups your mood and attitude like nothing else. For the men in your life, consider a subscription to Harry's Shave Club, Daily Shave Club or invest ($10 on Ebay) in a classic Kent comb as a impromptu gift.

In make-up, Vitamin C Serum (trust me on this one) is the radiant-face-maker  (tons of brands on Amazon) and a great red lipstick (Lancôme works for me) will boost your spirits in January like nothing else,  save a new pair of Lululemon yoga pants. Burt's Bees has a new line or healthy, tinted lip balms and hard-milled soaps (try TJ Max, Winner's Home Sense, L'Occitane, Body Shop or a healthfood store) are 'in' so put the soap pump away unless it's something wonderfully organic and real.

In publishing news!

Best Holiday Cookie Book!

On another (random) notes, here’s the Table of Contents for my new cookie book  (long story but the book online can’t show a preview). The link to purchase is here : or you can purchase through Amazon/Kindle.

The Baker’s Dozen Holiday Cookie Cookbook
Marcy Goldman
Baker’s Dozen Series Vol. 1

Best Ever Scottish Shortbread
Pumpkin Pie Biscotti

Nutella Filled Cookies
Twixie Cookies
White Chocolate Cherry Cranberry Cookies
Chocolate Velvet Cookies
Brown Sugar and Maple Shortbread
Raspberry Cream Cheese Filled Crescents
Ginger Crisp Cookies
Argentinian Dulce de Leche Cookies
French Mint Cookies
Hanukkah Ice-Cream Dough Rugulah Bonus 4 Months Free with Book Purchase!

This new Baker's Dozen Cookbook series is the best way I could dream up to offer new recipes for you in e-book form. Once there are 13 books, I'll put it into print but for now, I plan to release one new book (Biscotti is next) every quarter year.

Phew! I think I got it all said.

Without further ado, warm wishes for a brand new year, wishing you love, health, and happiness (and no shortage of dreams) for 2017.

Marcy Goldman
Author, Master Baker
Est. 1997

Recipe Collection for January 2017

Sweet Potato, Kale and Black Bean Quinoa Burgers
Detox White Tea
Sweet Paprika Smokey Bean Soup or Bableves
Vanilla Challah Rolls
Doah Spice

FREE Gilmore Girls Buttermilk Blueberry Pancakes
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