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December 2016 A Note from Marcy

Happy Holiday Baking Time! Free Buttery Raspberry Rugulah, Free New Way Famous Potato Latkes and more!

Dear Bakers and Friends,

There’s always something strange (for me at least) about writing about the holidays and end-of-the-year observations on November 30th (which it is now, as I write this note) for the December lst issue of The very first day of December is pre-holiday season but it’s still those days before things really begin. In these parts, there’s barely any snow, there’s still some Canadian geese refusing to fly south, and I haven’t yet decanted the Big Snow Coat. I’m still wearing an autumn perfume (La Vie Est Belle) but will soon transition to something warmer like a smoky vanilla perfume, with a touch of musk. I'll probably do it when the snow sticks on the ground.

 If I went by mood and was living in the present,  I’d write about how my week was (hectic, rife with worries and laughter in equal measure); I give it a B+.  I might chat about the movie I saw today (Bleed for This),  the radio show I recorded (if I know when it will be on, I’ll let you know; I recorded three segments on baking), and my joy in discovering the Gilmore Girls (I never watched it before but with the Netflix hype, I not only get tons of seasons but the crowning glory of the Gilmore Girls Netflix special).  I would also mention the great series from Britain, Detectorists, the delight of finding Vitamin C serums (they DO make your face glow), and the sheer magic of my current tango class, and the various books I’m reading.

 In other words, if I treated this like a day in the life, instead of the entire, sprawlingly beautiful holiday season that is now upon us and the new year ahead, I’d simply shoot the baking breeze.

But by now, most of you you know me, and know that it doesn’t take much to get me all nostalgic about life and baking and teary when I consider that is now entering it’s second decade online.

BB is older than Google, Facebook, Netflix, and Paypal; Amazon beats me by a mere four years. That also means that I’ve been baking and writing for over 30 years and getting that ‘real job’, at this point, is no longer a threat but simply unlikely. I’ve managed, single parenthood, the demise of traditional publishing and the constant war against carbs and gluten notwithstanding, to outrun the clock. I’ve managed, somehow, some way, to do what I’m doing and the legions of naysayers have disappeared. It proves to me that over time, quantity (staying power for instance) becomes a quality. This all said, ironically, I still feel green and starting out; I have tons more to prove as well as acres of things to accomplish. How silly – or how lucky – is that?  And how lucky am I to have all of you as such good company?

At any rate, I know if I don't stop clicking on this keyboard, I'll only wax lyrical about everything about the year that was and anything else, as is my tendency. A writer who can self-publish, without an editor around, can go rogue. If the 20 years online have taught me anything, it's that more.

On that happy note, I'll simply say, enjoy the recipes and wish you all a most happy holiday season. Bake with love and pass it on. Those of us who make beautiful food with our own two hands also know how to impact the world with goodness which it sorely needs. We know how to nourish body, soul and spirit and now, as never before, that is the sort of nourishment the world needs. So, to paraphrase, bake the change you want to be.  

Season's greetings to each and everyone of you,

Marcy Goldman
Author, Master Baker
Est. 1997

December 2016 Recipes of the Month

FREE Buttery Raspberry Rugulah

FREE Hanukkah Nutella Doughnuts
Czech Butter Cookies

FREE New Way Famous Potato Latkes  Over 22,400 downloads

FREE Traditional Potato Pancakes or Latkes


Layered Rugulah Squares

FREE, for your reading pleasure:
My Hanukkah Miracle of My First Yule Log









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