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April 2016 A Note from Marcy

Beautiful Flourless Maple Almond Walnut Cookies that are Passover perfect and after Passover? A gluten-free treat. Or you can enjoy Almond Chocolate Horns. All this and more in March 2018 A Note From Marcy

Hello Bakers and Friends,

Welcome to the April 2016 Issue of This is the 18th spring (and Passover) I’ve celebrated with you. Some of you are new and some are long-standing friends and yet I always feel I’m communicating with a special friend, sitting at my kitchen table, talking….baking and cooking.

This month features two incredible cookies. One is from a friend called Angie who baked up some Flourless Maple Almond Walnut Cookies a few weeks ago which I had at a mutual friends’ house. They were amazing cookies!  What’s in them, I asked.   “Oh just use a bit of this and a bit of that. The dough should be thick’.

Well, from that, I did manage to document a blue-ribbon, gluten-free, Passover perfect recipe for you to try. (Secret: these are best served with champagne or a fizzy wine of some sort). The other cookie is because someone interviewed me on the subject of Almond Chocolate Horns (really horseshoe shaped) and that got me baking up an almond storm. These are amazing chewy, crisp, sophisticated cookies that are ridiculously easy. Make them big to impress or tiny because really, that’s what people prefer (just sayin’).  I loved testing these cookies but of course it would have been more helpful had I picked up a log of marzipan to begin with rather than tote home a package of polenta (note to self: wear the glasses when shopping; don’t just hold them in your hand).

Other than that, my new website (our new website) is coming along but this one will be here as reassurance. But you won’t believe the brand new BB.  I can’t believe I had it in me to be this slick or the luck in finding a super web designer. Most web firms take one look at this site and run and hide (there’s over 800 pages online at BB, 2500 recipes and 18 years of curated newsletters plus a membership data base that is only as large as it is ancient in software. Web firms literally blanch when they look at the innards).

I’m also blogging with Starfrit and each month, you’ll find nifty products along with more recipes from BB for Starfrit. This is a company that I always knew about but became more impressed when I used their non-stick, all-natural frypans. One thing led to another and now I am honoured to be in the Starfrit Kitchens, creating more recipes for you to enjoy.
This month there’s two columns: one on using the Starfrit Spiralizer and one on The Rock Ceramic pan with recipes to match.

I will also be in the Washington Post Food Section (online and in print) next Wednesday wherein my babka recipe got another go round (by me) along with a feature that highlights Montreal’s famed Cheskie’s Boulangerie. Hold onto the recipe for after Passover.

On the home front, the boys (now men) are involved in physical fitness, finance and music composing and now cooking up their own respective storms in their respective kitchens. We enjoy a weekly dinner wherein they delight in ‘roasting’ the chef (me), and outdoing themselves on the piano or just the natural competitiveness that seems to be ‘boys’.

The good baker finds herself at tango balls, added yoga classes and still nesting (sic, decorating the new home). I decided change shouldn’t be just one thing and so, like the most girlie of chefs, I am on a new wardrobe hunt. I need: everything. Nothing works or nothing fits or it’s like I woke up and realized there’s a whole world out there of amazing styles. I even am having new aprons (hunter green and deep lilac) custom sewn. Anyway, despite shopping for a few weeks, all I’ve come home with is a pair of leopard kitten heeled shoes which go with….nothing. But they’re so cute!

I digress. I am constantly reminded (never mind who) that this is a baking site and to just talk recipes. So, without further ado – go forth and bake, enjoy, share and celebrate. It’s Passover but it’s also spring – all month long.

Warm wishes and happy baking,

Marcy Goldman
Master Baker, Author
est. 1997


April 20216 Recipes of the Month

My Famous Matzoh Caramel Buttercrunch FREE
Over 28,000 downloads; that’s a lot of boxes of matzoh. Always make a box before Passover (people snack on it and you’ll have none left for Passover) and then 2 boxes for Passover.

Flourless Maple Almond Walnut Cookies FREE !!
Three ingredients? Yes, and they make impossibly amazing cookies that work for gluten free diets and Passover. They are perfect for nibbling on or dunking into wine or espresso. Thanks to Angie for the inspiration.

Incredible Passover Rolls FREE!!
Over 15,000 downloads tells a story. You can even dip hotdogs in the batter for a Passover Pogo.
Great for sandwiches or as a side roll and a nice respite from matzoh.

Almond Chocolate Horns

Gluten free or Passover perfect cookies? Your choice –these are amazing crispy, chewy, sophisticated cookies that are laughably easy to make.

Deep Dish Passover Apple Cake

A luscious little cake that is like a kutchen. I always throw in some sour cherries too.

Passover Double Chocolate Biscotti
Can’t miss out on biscotti just because it’s Passover. A chocolate lovers’ biscotti.

Spiraled Beet, Carrot and Zucchini Salad FREE!!
A refreshing salad made extra pretty with a Starfrit Spiralizer

Best Ever Chicken Soup and Matzoh Balls
The classic deli soup and a proven cold remedy (matzoh ball recipe included). This is the definitive version - nothing beats this elixir, tonic, and overall aphrodaisiac. Just don't serve it wearing a floral cotton duster. This is the soup that announces 'it's Passover" ! Long after the Seder meals are done, the only thing that will still appeal days later, will be this soup.



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