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November 2015 A Note from Marcy

Welcome to the November Issue of BB. Free Apple Cider Donuts, Pumpkin Pie Latte and Caramel Apple Cranberry Crisp and more goodies!

Dear Bakers, Friends and Readers,

The eagle (or in this case, the baker), as they say, has landed. After a whirlwind three months of changes, I’m now in my new abode, a second floor apartment/condo in a very pretty area of town. It’s not quite home yet but then, I am not the most flexible of sorts either. I am open-minded about recipes, people, music, alternate codes of belief but I am bullish on moving. I generally like to nest, stay still and then nest some more. So it’s only four weeks in but happily, I am beginning to feel cozy.  What’s nice about the new kitchen is that it’s more modern and easier to keep clean. There are also oodles of space, enough to house my giant bookcases full of cookbooks. The new oven is not a Garland but it’s sleek, amicable and doing a fine job as I put it through its paces.

As for moving, I am loathe to confess that in life, there’s no going forward towards something new and enriching (like simply growing) without letting go which brings a sense of loss. Plus there’s that really murky place between what’s familiar and what’s new that we call Transition.  Life, in some ways, is a sucky system. But Time, is a wiser one. I think of life like Rhett Butler/Howard Roark (hard truth tellers) whereas Time is more like Miss Mellie (Gone with the Wind) and Meg (Little Women), i.e. Time is gentle and temperate.  Time, given time, smooths things over. So with the gift days passing and leaves falling through buttery sun kissed fall afternoons, I see my appetite for writing and baking returning; I hope you enjoy the fruits of my renewal. As for my own palate, I’ve been baking classic and healthy, as well as venturing more towards vegan and vegetarian recipes. I hope to share those with you in the new year, including the world’s best quinoa burger. But this month, I am featuring some new creations as well as special treasured recipes.
One thing in particular that I’ve being doing in my new home is every weekend, I’ve cooked up  one vintage fall dish after another. It started with Mac and Cheese, then Coq au Vin and then most recently, Little Italy Chicken Cacciatore. (I’ll not be doing Cheese Fondue). Sometimes, we forget how good retro food can be. This is pure 70’s stuff but it’s rib-sticking good, reheats well and satisfies a crowd. So, if I remember, I will feature one of these recipes free (they’re also all in When Bakers Cook cookbook btw) for you to enjoy.  And for those who asked, yes, the Pumpkin Eruption Cheesecake recipe IS in my cookbook, The Baker’s Four Seasons. It’s on my personal 10 best recipe lists.

Just so you know, there’s probably every recipe you need for Thanksgiving and beyond in this little site – all created, tested and vetted my me (and testers). I was  browsing through the Recipe Archives myself and blown away by such amazing recipes as Pumpkin Ravioli with Sage Butter and Mushroom Bechamel, , Baked Camembert in Filo with Cranberry Chutney, Vermont Country Inn Pumpkin Cheesecake, Canned Cranberry Sauce Bundt Cake, Cranberry Sally Lund or Brioche Americana, and Cranberry Orange Iced Sweet Tea just to name some things that immediately caught my eye and appetite. The best turkey recipes are also on this site. I’ve tried to re-create classics as well as new things for you for the last 18 years – all with a goal of bringing you the best food, easiest, high-performing recipes and subtle professional techniques.
So have a look around (or join – subscriptions are always welcome – and it gives you over 2550 recipes to choose from for one flat fee).

Warm wishes and gratitude, in the season of home and hearth,

Marcy Goldman
Author, Master Baker
Est. 1997

FREE!! Pumpkin Pie Latte Sweet Pumpkin Latte
What’s more inviting that spice and warmth in a cup? This is a seasonal perk that will make your espresso pot beam.  I use canned pumpkin puree (I always have some cubes of it frozen) but this special recipe can be made without the pumpkin as well.

 FREE!! Apple Cider Donuts Over 1475 Downloads
Cake style donuts with a wicked New England flair! Insanely great donuts that put Cronuts to shame.

Golden Corn Rolls for Thanksgiving Over 2345 Downloads
These fabulous, festive rolls are meal-makers that upstage the turkey!

Cinnamon Bun Cake

Take a batch of this unique cinnamon bun dough, follow the simple directions and you get a huge cinnamon bun coffee cake. Gorgeous!

Apple Cider Donuts
This is one of my all-time best. A gorgeous pumpkin muffin with a buried cheesecake treasure. Add this humdinger to your Thanksgiving sweet table!

Cinnamon Bread Pudding Over 578 Downloads
This unique presentation of a buttery and rich bread pudding will have you thinking you are tasting cheesecake! But it’s a great, old-fashioned, Thanksgiving/Fall perfect bread pudding.
Cream Cheese Cranberry Quick Bread Over 787 Downloads
Great for tea time and informal hosting. A gorgeous river of a cream cheese swirl makes this cake exceptional in taste and looks. It also slices like a dream and it features the seasonal perk of fresh cranberries. A wonderful gift cake. The Lemon Glaze below the recipe is totally optional.

 My Best Butternut Squash Soup Over 2130 Downloads
Is this bisque or soup? It’s creamy (but not too much) and elegant at the same time. Squash soups are a dime a dozen but this one is flavor-tweaked to perfection. This is chef-quality soup from your home kitchen. This is also a recipe from my cookbook,  When Bakers Cook available at Amazon.

Restaurant Style Turkey Meatball Bowl

Never enough turkey in November (I get my ground turkey from Costco). One of my favorite meals – low fat, protein-rich turkey meatballs, spiced just so, served atop quinoa and arugula for a one-bowl meal that satisfies like no other. It’s one of my recent signature dishes. I use any sort of vinaigrette on this, most often Greek Restaurant Vinaigrette

FREE A Vintage Recipe Little Italy Chicken Cacciatore
This is a classic that should be at least weekly fare - it's a rib-sticking, chicken casserole that is draped in garlic, plum tomatoes and a shot of red wine. It's truly Italian soul food. Add a baguette and a pasta side dish and you have a feast for family and friends. It reheats like a dream.

Heartland Cheddar Cheese and Apple Bread Over 560 Downloads
This quick, savory and sweet bread marries tangy chunks of nippy orange cheddar with sweet chunks of fresh fall apples. It’s not too sweet nor is it a savory loaf; it is somewhere in-between and unexpectedly delicious. I am partial to Vermont or Ontario cheddars for this recipe.

Blue Ribbon Parker House Rolls Over 2840 Downloads
Oh my goodness - these are grand! Buttery little bundles of dough are tucked into muffin pans and bake up into a tender roll, reminiscent of a French croissant in taste but with the velvety crumb of a traditional rich, white bread roll. These are supposed to be side rolls but at Thanksgiving, they are the main event. One of my best recipes of all time.



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