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June 2015 A Note from Marcy


June 2015 A Note from Marcy



Free Biscoff or Speculoos Cookies, Free Blueberry Hand-Held Pies and more, such as the launch of my son's restaurant,!

Dear Baking Friends,

Welcome to the June Issue of BB. June is a lovely transitional time as spring segues to summer, the pattern of our days along with our usual discipline goes south. Our usual work and activities continue but now they're overlaid on a distracting, fuzzy backdrop of fading lilacs and dandelion fluff. A faint dreaminess weaves its way into everything; our schedules, however jam-packed they are, seem to unroll at a more leisurely pace. When the sun is the colour of butter on Oklahoma corn, it's hard to rush around too much. Around this time of year, I feel both relaxed and time-pressed. This is in part because summer comes on so fast and leaves far too soon. In Montreal, I am sure summer is 19 days - tops. In this short season, there’s so much to savour and do and time, is of the essence. Like Frost’s poem, The Oven Bird, I sense fall is never too far off and so, I must make (and gather) hay.

Speaking of other birds,  our family ‘project’, aka my eldest son’s restaurant café is launching this month - probably in a week's time. Please check out the menu at as I've created or otherwise designed the menu. I can only envision (pray!) that fellow Montrealers enjoy my food (my recipes come to life, so to speak) as much as you (dear BB readers) seem to.

On the Red Bird Cafe menu, I’ve kept the food (sandwiches, salads and soups) light, leaning towards vegetarian (although Kale Chicken Caesar Salad is one of our premier salads), along with the Turkey Gratitude Salad, i.e. Herbed Turkey Meatballs, on a foundation of arugula, ancho-kissed sweet potatoes, a halo of cranberry salsa and a dash of house Balsamic Dressing are both light but satisfying for the meat eaters. For myself, I like light food, even vegetarian food -  but I am a protein-craver and so my menu has a fair balance of healthy and ample protein in each salad or sandwich. But the desserts? Expect the best of and Marcy Goldman to grace the offerings! I am most proud of the Pouding Au Chomeur Muffins (golden cakes atop a maple gooey bottom) but I hope there’s something for everyone. I believe these days we’re eating healthy but still indulging in great desserts. If I've told you all this before, mea culpa. My brain is in a fog of overwhelm  - either that or I've over-indulged in the Kombucha sample bottles. Is it me of does fermented Kombucha tea taste like carbonated apple cider vinegar?  I love it but let's be honest - it's very gamey tasting but not (and apologies to fans of Bubble Tea) as weird as bubble tea which I feel is like sucking a slug up a straw. Now that is gamey.

What's a restaurant launch like (especially when one is without any particular restaurant training or business experience)?  On some days things are great: we have a superb contractor making a nest for Red Bird Cafe and things are moving along, until the vintage, weathered wood for the counter arrives late and the wood stain we thought (and anguished over) was a light caramel amber colour is actually a florescent red. Or we get a terrific deal on a perfect, used pastry fridge only to weep in frustration as the fridge, too big for the entranceway of the restaurant, languishes in the street – until better, bigger movers arrive with tools, and rescue the fridge from the elements and we finally get it inside (the staff at our neighbour's incredible ramen restaurant, applauded in support).

Inside Red Bird's premises? We’re just days away from opening and feverishly setting up the kitchen for our cooks and bakers (who I am training this week) and getting ready to welcome our service staff.  Today (apparently,) aside from testing out our pizza and convection ovens, I'm scheduled to learn how to operate the espresso machine as well as discover the finer art of lattes – just in case I am needed as a fill-in barrista. Who can't use some barrista skills?  As you read this newsletter, I'll probably be at the restaurant, labelling Mason jars with spice names and finding a space and container home for 100 pounds of couscous (we over-ordered).

Red Bird Café is on St. Laurent, probably Montreal’s busiest, most historic streets. As the song goes, (and apologies New York), if you can make it here….you can make it anywhere. At any rate, Red Bird Café features all the happy chaos you’d expect when something big and new is in the making. Despite the stress of the unknown (and risk factors), you can feel the magic dust in the air. To be honest, I'm in awe of my son who has chosen to take my recipes and give them a new sort of life and share them more widely with eaters, far and wide, as well as readers of my cookbooks. I am also in awe of my other sons and their father, who have been painting, putting up molding, schlepping chairs, and hauling the 180 separate ingredient items that make up the menu, across town. Where would you be without family and friends? But a head's up to our oven guy? Please just bring us a dial that says 'on' so we know when the oven is indeed 'on'. Right now, it's a real mystery as per temperature.  Small things....

On the BB front, I just profiled incredible home ballet bars so please have a look (that’s how I work off the Pouding au Chomeur Muffins we're serving at Red Bird Cafe).

Despite a full schedule, I’ve been fiddling with some special recipes and am pleased to share a Biscoff or Speculoos Cookies with you as well as a few other timeless treats. When I look in the BB Recipe Archives, now standing at precisely 2505 recipes, and the five cookbooks I've published (it's really seven), I wonder why I'm still creating and inventing yet more recipes.  Well, for one thing, I love learning and food is always changing. Food, like life, never stands still. Yesterdays' Orange Pellingrino is today's Kombucha and the 70's Tofu Burger is now Thug Kitchen's Bean Burger (the jury is still out out on this one: I have a batch in the oven, it's not looking too pretty). I just can't help myself. Some love affairs (family, friends, books, baking, cooking, perfume, tango, writing, flowers, Indie films, and Jane Austen) never quit. I am happy to share the (recipe) love with you, my gentle readers and fellow baking conspirators. I know these recipes go to a good home ....your kitchen and capable hands.

Warm wishes for a mellow June, and always, happy  baking,

Marcy Goldman
Author, Master Baker,, est. 1997
Chief Concept Office,, est. 2015

New redbird site is up! Check out the Menu.

June 2015 Recipes

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FREE Blueberry Hand-Held Pies
Apple Danish Cheesecake Scones
Chicago Deep Dish Stuffed Pizza
Blackberry Raspberry Apple Crostata
Strawberry Rhubarb Bread Pudding Over 1433 downloads
Blueberry Lemon Crumb Cake Over 1200 downloads


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