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July 2015 A Note from Marcy

Beautiful, easy, rustic, summery-delicious focaccion. Enjoy with variations along with other great recipes for the July 2015 issue of Visit the site for the full newsletter.


Dear Bakers and Friends,

Welcome to the July Issue of BB. I’ve included some special treats that are easy bake (or cook) that are perfect for the balmy climes of summer.

On this end, my son’s restaurant, has made everything else take a back seat. I am in these often, having trained the cook and baker and ensured recipes are all up to snuff. I proud to share with you that customers at the cafe are responding so positively to the menu.  In particular, the muffins and cookies are flying off the shelf and the salads and wraps I created (Turkey Gratitude Wrap, Count Balzac Chicken and Grilled Vegetables, Good Fortune Asian Chicken Salad) are a huge success. People seem to really like the interesting, international flavors of the fare. My carrot cake still reigns supreme and amazingly considering it’s summer, the soups are also being slurped with great gusto. Healthy, gourmet, global flavors ‘on the go’ is what Red Bird is all about. It stems from what I am all about (discounting Chocolate Eruption Cheesecake, etc.) these days. I prepare more vegetarian meals but still like my proteins (chicken, fish, turkey) sweets, breads and classic fruit muffins, biscuits and cornbread.  I also like my ‘grainy, healthy baking’ just as much.  But with everything, I am intrigued by the seasonings, spices and flavors of other cuisines and love marrying that with classics to create new twists. I am almost done with MY Black Bean Burger which is a chewy, smoky, meaty tasting burger that’s totally vegetarian. I had to build it from the ground up having tried other recipes and approaches and what can I say? Like Dorothy, there’s no place like home (i.e. my own test kitchen and my own instincts).

New businesses like my son’s Red Bird Café are like embers that need caring puffs of air blown on them, in order for them to grow. It occurs to me that changes in our lives are like that too. Inasmuch as I dislike change, it’s inevitable. Once I embrace it, then I try and keep the sails of change aloft by feeding it as much oxygen as I can muster. One has to blow and crow over things to encourage seedlings to root and flourish.

What many of us often fail to see is that making a change is one thing; feeling and embracing it and becoming the change (the feeling of it and the new identity that results) takes time. How much time? Always longer than you think.

The last few years have been ones of great transitions on this end and there doesn’t seem to be land in sight. But on the journey, I have felt myself morph. Have you ever experienced that? You want something, you try for it, you claw, creep and grasp your way towards it and once there? You are a totally different person in a new and alien land. I think we believe the destination contains elements of what we think will make us happy but the truth is, the journey shapes us into what we’re supposed to be. That has to be more organic or a more authentic place than the vision board happiness we aimed for.

That said, I am always amazed how much I still love to write and bake. I might be a different baker or writer now, certainly I am more mindful, but the passion hasn’t wavered. Speaking of writing, you can find a lot more of my works on Invented by the guys who invented Twitter, is a place to read works of anyone who posts their stuff. Search Marcy Goldman on if you’re curious.

In the spirit of summer, I am pleased to share some hand-crafted, hand-plucked recipes with you. I wish you happy July, happy Canada Day, July 4th (I’ll be at my American cousin’s Canadian wedding on July 4th!) and always, happy baking.


Marcy Goldman

Author, Master Baker

Garlic,Fresh Herbs and Tomato Focaccio FREE
Over 4250 Downloads!

A zesty bread that is great with salads and grilled fish or as the base of panini.

Sunny Ratatouille Soup FREE
Over 500 Downloads

A beautiful soup for summer that is soul-satisfying but light and vegetarian.

Greek Yogurt Health Cookies
Over 1130 Downloads

These are delicious, healthy and soul-and-body satisfying cookies. They whip up in seconds and have all you need in the way of complex carbs. The recipe includes interesting ancient grains, the benefits of raw almonds, brainy pumpkin seeds, heart healthy coconut oil and hemp. For yet more health and taste, there's a shot of Greek yogurt and the perk of some dried fruit as well as fresh cranberries. This is the sort of cookie to pack in the car so that when hunger strikes, you reach for these good carbs. Did I tell you these are simply delicious?

Zucchini Apple Muffins
Over 820Downloads

A great way to use up summer’s bounty.

Lemon Cream Pie Cupcakes
Over 2200 Downloads

A tender yellow batter is the foundation of this marvelous cupcake that hides a cache of lemon pie filling in its center.

Cape Cod Cranberry Plum Pie
Over 1500
Succulent, luscious, summery pie.

Utah Fried Scones
Over 725 Downloads

A sumptuous recipe for sweet fry bread with an orange butter glaze.


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