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May 2015 A Note from Marcy


Dear Bakers and Friends,

Hello and welcome to the May issue of

As is our tradition in these parts, May is the unofficial tea edition of BB, wherein I delight in sharing, at least via this newsletter, the ceremony of great tea and a slew of perfect recipes to go with it. Speaking of tea, April has been an incredibly hectic month and so the thought of a cup of fine tea suits me just fine. I am torn between herbal elixirs, deeply satisfying Assam or all manner of Irish Breakfast (my absolute favourite of all teas), or simple green tea with toasted rice.  Before 2 pm, I am a coffee girl but after 3 pm, it’s definitely tea time.

A large part of my time for a few months, but especially this past April, has been spent creating the formulae for Red Bird Café, my son’s first restaurant. While Red Bird is all ‘Jon’, it’s been a family concern, at least in the planning stages, for over two years. Now it looks like the real construction is about to begin and our kitchen should be ready soon. Shortly after it’s up and running, we’ll be offering sumptuous scones, muffins, cookies, cheesecakes, soups, salads and over-stuffed, healthy sandwiches (all with a global tone) sometime this June.  I’ve been tweaking the recipes (all seventy!) to perfection and making sure they are restaurant-worthy formulae.

The last time I worked as a pastry chef in a restaurant, I was just a little younger than my son is now. I wisely kept all my recipes from those days and while lots in food has changed, lots has also stayed the same. In those days, I notice my Asian flavor recipes used ginger powder, instead of fresh ginger. There was no use of coconut oil, or gluten free baking, multi-grains (except whole-wheat) and tofu meant tofu-egg salad. Muffins were so in vogue that I have Lawsuit Muffin formulae batches that yielded sixteen dozen! That’s was the daily bake I did – which, all things considered, is an astounding amount of muffins. On another note, Caesar Salad is still ‘in’ (except the Red Bird Caesar Salad has kale in it), and there’s still carrot cake (of some sort) and cheesecake, albeit made with Greek Yogurt, still stands tall. In those days, it was the debut of California CuisineIn those days, we were getting into Perrier; these days, it’s organic lemonade and bottled komboucha. Things looked and seemed healthy but these days, they’re healthier still, people are savvier and more discerning. Flavors, all in all, are far more global, rife with exotic spices and flavors. I guess what also hasn’t changed, is my love of food and feeding people well. I can’t wait to do just that. When it’s not stressful, it feels like a food fairy tale.

Other than that, I’ve  been testing out some great Breville products (check out the review of the Crispy Crust in my Products Section) and will be writing about portable ballet bars (yes, I am still dancing). After years of using a bureau as my home ballet bar, I discovered a few amazing companies that make great ballet bars for the home dancer. In you want to check out the best two products, try or

So, before I dance way to do ballet or bake or test more recipes, let me wish you a warm and happy start to your month of May.

Warm wishes,
Marcy Goldman
Master Baker, Author

Gluten Free Oatmeal Jam Tarts

Strawberry Rhubarb Lemonade

Tollhouse Crumble Cheesecake Cookie Bars

Canadiana Butter Tarts

Old Fashioned Sour Cream Sugar Cookies
The mellow taste of dairy sour cream brings these old-fashioned sugar cookies to new heights.

Chocolate Crinkle Brownie Cookies
Lovely chocolate pillows, crinkled on top with slight ridges on the side. they are slightly crisp on the outside and lusciously brownie-like on the inside.


Chocolate Mint Biscotti

Primavera Quiche
What’s more perfect with tea or a brunch than quiche?

Rolled Pizza Bread
Zesty, hearty, rustic and easy – this bread is a an appetite-zapper.

Tollhouse Cookie Bundt Cake
If you love chocolate chip cookies, you'll adore this cake. Chopped Tollhouse cookies create a unique streusel layer in the cake center and on top. Top with melted chocolate (milk chocolate, semi-sweet, and white chocolate if you please).

Paprika Restaurant Cream of Cauliflower Soup
A quaint little Hungarian restaurant called the Paprika, used to serve a soup as their specialty.  On a busy night, they must have gone through troughs of this simple, satisfying, utterly amazing soup! Szeged Hungarian paprika is best but any quality sweet paprika will do.

Multi Grain Salad
Healthy and tasty, easy going, complex carbs. Serve chilled or warm. This big batch is on hand for quick lunches (poached salmon steak or herb infused chicken breast?) or put it alongside an omelette. It is good food, always at the ready. Complex carbs? Sure but nothing else about it is complex. Feel free to change the grains or use other sorts of canned beans or chick peas.


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