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November 2014 A Note From Marcy

This beautiful artwork is by Robin Lucile Anderson. You can see more of her works at Hope it inspires you to bake Cranberry Sugar Crusted Biscotti or Cranberries 'N Cream Scones. The full recipe collection follows the Note from Marcy.

Dear Friends and Fellow Bakers,

Welcome to the November, or harvest month issue of BB.  If you're arrived on this page, it's possible you were 'invited' via my new newsletter. Despite it's glam and polish, it still leads back to the beautiful, familiar baking niche known as Marcy Goldman's

This month, I’ve baked up some incredible recipes for you to enjoy with a special nod to American Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is such a wonderful occasion to strut your stuff as a baker (even for this Canadian). With that in mind, there's a host of tempting recipes including FREE Cranberry Sugar Crusted Biscotti, Double Garlic Twisty Cheesy Bread and Pumpkin Bread Pudding. All that and more sugar and spice in the Complete Recipe Archives (including any main dish or Thanksgiving side dish you could ask for).

My newest cookbook, The Baker's Four Seasons is looking good (it's all done - and now it's just having a gorgeous index created for it). Soon, it will be available for pre-order - so stayed tuned!

Happy Thanksgiving and happy baking always,

Marcy Goldman
Author and Master Baker

November 2014 Recipes of the Month

FREE!!! Sweet Potato Pie Pound Cake with Brown Sugar Pecan Glaze
From The New Best of, Marcy Goldman, Whitecap Books, 2009, this is a  lofty spice cake, perfect for Thanksgiving or any coffee klatch occasion. This is a fine-grained, delicate cake that's also moist and gently spiced. It features a penuche-style sweet pecan brown sugar glaze. This is the recipe my testers bring to work, volunteer venues, schools and the book club when they want to get raves.

Apple Cranberry Tart Cake Over 2586 downloads!

This is the perfect marriage between cake and pastry - it is a showstopper that will bring raves. Use soft sweet apples (such as Golden Delicious and McIntoshe) for the best flavor and texture. Make it a day ahead; once chilled - the result is tall wedges of solid fruit in a pastry crust. Use a really sharp serrated knife to cut.

FREE Cranberries 'N Cream Scones
So many cranberry scone recipes and yet, each one is different. This makes an exceptional tender, flaky, crisp outer but soft inside, sort of scone. It's a must at Thanksgiving. Make these small to serve as a side bread or dust with sugar before baking, to serve as dessert. Offer with pumpkin ice-cream and bourbon-spiked creme anglaise to spruce them up a notch.

Clementine Cranberry Pound Cake
A tangy twist for pound cake that is a great coffeecake for Thanksgiving tea time. Use seedless, little oranges such as clementines for full flavor and thin skins and wash the outer skin of the fruit first. Dust this elegant cake with confectioners' sugar or use the Orange Fondant as a spiffier glaze. If you get tired of pumpkin pie and pecans, this is another seasonal option.

Pumpkin Bread Pudding
Use your own, or our Pumpkin Bread recipe as the basis of this ambrosial, decadent, different dessert. Make it thick, bake it long, serve in huge, chilled squares. Or serve it warm with custard or vanilla ice-cream.

White Chocolate Thanksgiving Pecan Pie

This pecan pie is thick, dense, creamy, rich, and subtly different. Don’t you find that everything wonderful is even better when you add white chocolate to it. Just use the best white chocolate you can find. This pie filling rises up, teeters a bit, and then slowly settles and sets. Use a 10-inch quiche pan with removable bottom. Semi-freeze, cut, and then let warm to room temperature for neat serving slices and make sure you use a sharp, serrated knife to do the honors.

Thanksgiving needs some great side breads – here’s a trio of my favorites

Double Garlic Twisty Cheesy Bread
A gourmet garlic experience. This is simply one of the zestiest, addictive breads you will ever make. People tear into this while it is still hot. Great with salad, spaghetti or on its own as a hearty snack. Both fresh and dry powdered garlic dust this Mediterranean ode to garlic. If you're really in a hurry, use prepared or frozen/defrosted white bread dough or pizza dough. I serve this with warm marinara sauce for dipping or melted goat cheese to smear on.

Golden Corn Rolls for Thanksgiving
Johnny-come-lately and you'll miss this great corn roll. It`s a golden gorgeous cross between a rich white bread and golden yellow corn bread - sort of like if a brioche married a corn bread.  These are tender, golden, slightly sweet - and perfect to sop up gravy or as the foundation of a Cranberry Turkey Club sandwich the day after Thanksgiving.

FREE!!! Extra Flakey Butter Biscuits

A combination of leaveners make these biscuits extra light. My best biscuits, plain and simple. Perfect for Thanksgiving or anytime you want the world's best biscuit.
Bonus Freebie

Miniature Corn Bread with Sour Cherries

Crunchy outside, airy and moist inside.Sour cherries make these mini-cornbreads especially interesting but the main event is the best-ever-cornbread-ever, baked up into little side rolls.






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