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June 2014 A Note from Marcy

Free Classic New York Style Strawberry Cheesecake anyone? Or how about a Marble Cake, New York Black and White Cookies or authentic Bialys and Rye Bread? It’s all in March 2018 A Note From Marcy for June 2014.

Dear Bakers and Friends,

It’s almost summer and I know you’re all itching to get outdoors, so let’s make this short and sweet (that’s a given) so you can get back to play or baking-as-your-play.

This month’s issue of BB is all about delicatessen baking. True, it’s the theme of my first cookbook, but deli-style baking and cooking is in, according to the New York Times recent feature, Everything Old is New Again

Of course, I don’t need the New York Times to remind me what sort of baking I love but I certainly do appreciate the reminder (and the beautiful feature) so I can share some of my own creations of this genre of baking with you. Fair to say, recipes like Marble Cake, Bagels, pungent rye bread and cheesecake are crowd pleasers, anytime. Check out the collection (the links, free recipes and others, are below)

Kindle Countdown Deals for A Passion for Baking, and Love and Ordinary Things
On another note, I am running two Kindle specials, one starting June list, for the Kindle edition of A Passion for Baking. These Kindle specials go for one week, and start at the lowest price (I think 62% off, $5.99) in this case, and go up a bit each day. So the early bird gets the cupcake – so to speak. On June 13th, my food/love poetry book, Love and Ordinary Things will also be on a Kindle Countdown.

Thanks to cookbook friend Rose Levy Beranbaum who also reviewed my poetry book this month over at Baking with Rose,

BB Changing Looks and Site?
In the next few months, BB will have a new home and look, a simpler website that will still feature this newsletter and free recipe of the month. The ‘old’ (albeit, now current BB) will still be online (and kept there indefinitely, linked from my new site) so those of you who are subscribers to the Complete Recipe Archives can log in as usual, and retrieve the recipes. I will be uploading my new recipes to the new site and this site so anywhere you look, the new recipes will be available. is long overdue for a refreshing new look. As I am now indie publishing, I also want to keep things beautiful, pure and elegant and a new and simpler site should do just that. In the future, if I can migrate all the recipes to the new site, I will certainly do that. I also hope to offer more photos of new recipes as well as some baking video. You will also be able to log on, subscribe or unsubscribe yourself, and change passwords far more easily. But access to the Recipe Archives (and previous Notes from Marcy), will be at the old site.

$19.99 BB Special

This is available for this month and this special offer is $19.99 usd via (our address for funds transfer is This is on until June 30th.

Unsubscribe Me

Don’t forget, until we have the new site up and running, if you want to stop receiving my newsletter, send an email to with the word REMOVE in the subject line. We will make sure your email is removed from our data base. Just also make sure you advise us of all email addresses you have associated with (your personal emails or work and emails).

My New Cookbook, The Baker's Four Seasons

Final testing has begun and the BB Test Team was a first-come, first serve basis. I am sure I will still call on some of you since there’s a ton of recipes to be tested. This is a big book that is also filled with some special teas and coffees to go with the baking.

West Elm and Chapters Book Signings
If you check the front page of BB or my FB page, you’ll see where to find me signing cookbooks this month.

And Some Just Like That Baking Notes….

I’ve been tasting lots of new and great baking these days, amazed at the talent in this particular city. It reminds me though, that great baking, like all great things, is about attention to detail. When I launched this site, and called it Better Baking, it really was to help you bake better. So let me just remind you, and on occasion of tasting at times, some not-so-great baking, please pay attention to the details. If you don’t like the taste of an ingredient (a bad vanilla, over-ripe berries), then don’t use it in the baking. If it’s not great for eating, it’s not great in recipes. Think of your end eater and think of how to make their experience of your baking better. For instance, don’t put a big chunky whole walnut in a biscotti –no one wants such a grandiose encounter in a small bite. And my last really important tip – bake until done! Recipes all give a time for baking of course. But if something doesn’t look browned enough or seems wet or soggy in the middle, by all means, lower the oven temperature 25 degrees and give it a bit more time. So often people write and let me something looked done but they weren’t sure, they removed it from the oven and …yuck. It collapsed or tasted raw. Lower the temperature, watch it carefully and give whatever it is (pie or cake) the time it needs.

I know I had more sage advice to share but the sun is shining and both the outdoors, and some recipes for tonight’s supper-with-my-family want to be baked up (Butter and Cream Shortbread is first on the list). So let me wish you happy June, and happy Father’s Day and a wonderful start to the month.

Warm wishes, happy baking,

Marcy Goldman

Author, Master Baker, Publisher
Est. 1997

June 2014 Recipes

FREE Classic Cream Cheese Rugulah Dough
Buttery, crisp, divine rugulah that no one can refuse. Just one of my rugulah recipes (I can’t stop creating new ones!)

FREEClassic New York Style Strawberry Cheesecake
The classic to make you swoon, sweet, creamy but not cloying, this is a show-stopper.

New York Corn Bread
Lots of breads are called but few are chosen. This is a rye for the ages.

New York Bialys
I am addicted to few things: coffee, flowers, especially roses, and these bialys.

FREE Classic Deli Marble Cake
Does anything go better with coffee?

FREEClassic New York City Black and White Cookies
There's something satisfying about a grandma-styled big, fat sugar cookie.

FREESmoked Salmon Dill Cream Cheese Brunch Pizza
Perfect for a summer brunch

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