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February 2014 A Note from Marcy


She wore Blue Velvet Cupcakes but baked Red Velvet Decadence Cookies. Happy Valentine's Day Month!
Check out incredible Deluxe Classic Red Velvet Cake too and other heart-warming treats (and soups).


Dear All,

February always pulls me in three directions. The first tug is Valentine’s Day. As a  ‘cured’ romantic, Valentine’s Day baking has a huge allure for me. What is a cured romantic versus an incurable romantic? The difference is the former is hopeful, the latter is hopeless. So now you know. Romance aside, I also love writing about food in film and February is also Oscar month. To compromise, I’ve included Sugar Cookie Hearts 2, a favorite film.  And last, February is Heart Healthy month which makes me want to offer you the healthiest recipes I have. So check out the Mecca Bowl especially if you are a bowl food fan.(After all the chicken wings this weekend, bowl food might be perfect) 

s you can see by this issue of BB, love rules and the theme recipe is velvet – red, blue or otherwise. What's Valentine's Day month without Red Velvet? I’ve included some really special red velvet treats for you and for something different, and don’t forget, there’s also Red Velvet Waffles in my cookbook, When Bakers Cook (in the Breakfast and Brunch Chapter).

Head's up to my Canadian readers. When Bakers Cook will be for sale at in about a week. This is good news because the shipping is less and there's no duty.
Sweet treats notwithstanding, I thought I would share that while I bake for the sheer joy of it and giving to others, the beginning of the year always finds me renewing my vows to a healthy lifestyle. So I'm creating and downing a lot of green sloppy drinks
these days; kale and blueberries figures in all this, as does wild salmon filets for lunch and I am sprinkling flax seeds on everything. I also keep a beautiful glass pot of herbal tea ever ready and overall, eat somewhat Paleo style (nuts, seeds, lean protein, lots of greens, green tea and healthy fats such as avocado, Brazil nuts for needed selenium). Even though I bake both luxurious, decadent things, as well as some healthy ones (although to me anything that raises endorphin and serotonin, as chocolate can, is also healthy), my own daily diet is more balanced (and is exercise, meditation and long walk and talks with friends). At any rate, I hope to share my green drink recipe with you soon but mostly, I am saying: bake beautiful things and keep balance in your life.

Speaking of balance, what I’ve been up to lately is a lot of rest and relaxation, while working on my new cookbook, The Baker’s Four Seasons. I am adding special new recipes to the manuscript and give everything else a re-test. Then the manuscript will go to the copy edit stage and in a few months, it will be another printed book. You can also find me at a new cafe each day (that's my mid winter project btw: find a new, interesting cafe, bring books, laptop, manuscripts and a pen. It's amazing what a change of scenery will do). Usually, I am going over recipes or browsing my novel and tango story collection. Which book (aside from the baking one) to work on first? That’s long been my dilemma the novel is riveting but the tango stories are uplifting. What’s your vote? I hear you…..more recipes. For many of you, your dream job is to be a cookbook author. My dream is to be a cookbook author who wrote a novel. (and a musical and a memoir and a book on scent)

The next book will likely take courage and resolve but now I know the self publishing terrain a bit better. Just know that the doubt that comes with trying something new is far less than the pungent sluice of regret that comes with a woulda, coulda, shoulda type of living.  I know many of you are also facing a new adventure, wanted or not and wondering how or why or the worst two words in the English language: what if? To those words I say: go ahead jump. There's always a net and if not, you'll still sprout wings. When you do right by your own spirit and soul, you feel good. When you feel good, you do good.  When you do good, more good comes in ways you can't imagine, in ways you can't measure. I'm not saying it's easy. I'm saying, if you're serious about the being happy thing, you must give it a shot. You can’t do less for your own life but to honour your soul. And don't wait for 'signs' to do the doing. It doesn't work like that. You take a tepid step and then another - and one day you look up and realize, you're moving along effortlessly. You've crossed over into that thing called flow. I think flow is the new Happy; I think resilience is the destination. This calls for a warm Red Velvet Cookie and cup of herbal tea.

Happy February dear readers - wishing you a month of love and sweetness,

Marcy Goldman

Author, Master Baker
Est. 1997


Blue Velvet Cupcakes FREE 
Red Velvet Decadence Cookies 
Double Chocolate Red Velvet Cake 
Deluxe Classic Red Velvet Cake 
Sugar Cookie Hearts from Sleepless in Seattle
Mecca Bowl 
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