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January 2014 A Note from Marcy

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Dear All,

Happy New Year - although it hardly feels like January 1st 2014 because it is/was indeed, December 31st, 2013 as I wrote this. But the mood of the old year is fading away as I look ahead to a new year of baking, writing and being with you. And as I edited this letter, it is indeed, a new day.

I suppose it’s hubris to put my new cookbook front and center as the January BB cover but as I am both the publisher and author, it’s the least I can do because this cookbook deserves its celebration. When Bakers Cook is now in print on Amazon and soon, via as well. The Kindle or E-book version should be out mid-January. If it's possible, as a publisher/author, I will participate in something called Kindle Book Match wherein if you purchase the print book, the Kindle version will be available for an extremely reduced priced. I will keep you posted. It's a way of bundling a book (print and E-book) so you will have a print book to read and an Ebook handy as well - depending on how you use cookbooks.

When Bakers Cook
is more than a cookbook. It was a hero’s journey – wherein everything that could go wrong did – and I still trundled on.  Why? Because I kept thinking of you – my readers and friends, finally having a cookbook that would curtail endless recipe browsing on Google, not that it’s not fun but I wanted great recipes in one place.  I wanted to share innovative recipes, that are the best of the best, all original and tested and put them in one place. I also knew no traditional publisher, given these publishing times, would encourage a baking author to writing a cooking book (and not that I didn’t try that route). So this self-published book became my spiritual and emotional DIY project.

When Bakers Cook might look just like a great recipe collection but it’s also about proving naysayers wrong – especially the naysayers that live in my (and your) own thoughts and self-talk.  Whenever you think something negative or you experience a sucky mood as the result of your thoughts, you can bet your inner saboteur is dominating the conversation. Don’t let it! As hard as it may be, shrug it off and go forth. You can also start at a low point and move up. It's fallacy to think you have to be on top of the world to scale the next mountain. You can start step-by-step at the bottom of the hill and one day you look out, and see the view has changed. And that is the biggest lesson to me in self-publishing: that on the journey, my attitude (and sense of self) changed. At first, I saw self-publishing as a last resort and in the end, it has become an open doorway to endless Possibility.

When we last chatted, I was hosting a tea for friends. It was a great success. I served little party sandwiches (what tea doesn't have those?), an apple raspberry crostata, apricot ugulah, lemon poppy seed loaf and my famed Caesar Salad Bread. The latter disappeared in a flash as did the Apple Cranberry Crostata. Pots and pots of herbal tea and Cream Earl Grey also replenished on a constant basis. So I am delighted to share these recipes, as well as some new ones, with you, to start your new year off in fine style. I have some new recipes for the year ahead and look forward to sharing those as well. (I also have included the number of downloads on some of this month's recipes. It's interesting to see how popular some recipes are)

2013 was a year of continued transitions and growth. I had a new website all planned out and that, as you can see, is not yet realized. But it will be, as will be another cookbook. Now that I’ve somewhat figured the mechanics of self-publishing, there’s no reason to have books I’ve written and love and eager to share sit on the sidelines, waiting.

On the grand occasion of the dawn of a new year, I thank you, as always, for being guests in my online kitchen, sharing recipes and more. I am, as always, honored by the company I keep, this global collection of special friends and kindred spirits, each and every one of you.

With warm wishes for a glorious 2014.

Marcy Goldman
Author, Master Baker
Est. 1997

January 2014 Recipe Collection

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FREE Rustic Tuscan Vegetable Soup  (575 downloads)
FREE Cinnamon Toast Cheesecake
FREECaesar Salad Bread  (over 3200 downloads)
FREE Greek Yogurt Apple Pancakes
Apple Raspberry Crostata
Cream Earl Grey Tea
Almost Cherry Garcia Cookies  (4988 downloads)

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