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November 2013 A Note from Marcy

The early bird not only gets the wheat but appreciates amber waves of gold, especially at Thanksgiving. Enjoy a free wheaty treat with Blue Ribbon Parker House Rolls.

Dear All,

Around the middle of any given month  I start thinking about what I want to share with you in the next issue of BB. My newsletter and test baking begin a fair bit in advance; many ideas come and go and then I plan it out. And then in the hours before I publish, I find something else to bake or some other topic that catches my writer’s fancy. All my careful planning goes out the window. Sometimes I just get embroiled perfecting a recipe (this time it was buttermilk fried chicken) only to realize, it’s Thanksgiving and Hanukkah and probably no one is much interested (right now) in my quintessentially better fried chicken recipe. There is a bit of a dance between what’s going on inside and what’s going on in the broader world and it’s a true balancing act.

Suffice to say, there are seasons inside ourselves and those seasons outside, marked by smashed pumpkins from Halloween just past, store flyers advertising bargain turkey prices and a sudden plethora of fresh cranberries, a scarlet temptation if ever there was one. In my own case, there’s a rush of Hanukkah gift buying and potato pancake strategies and more recently, the last minute recipes I added to my new cookbook. When Bakers Cook is just about done and barely weeks away from being on sale and yet at the twilight moment, I just had to create, test and add Chicken Pot Pie, Chicken Cacciatore, and another soup or two and the fabulous Ancho Maple Sweet Potatoes that I am debuting here because they’re  just so good, I can’t wait. I just couldn’t leave well enough, well alone!

Yes, it’s been busy here but it’s been a good busy – the busy that comes from knowing you are on the right path. It’s a price-less feeling. That said, sometimes I feel like I live in a floury vortex, all behind the scenes, and then presto –it’s the first of the month, and there I am, prim, my apron not even a wee bit askew and I am in my BB seat of honour, greeting you to a new issue.  So much of our lives is that flurry of activity that miraculously distills down into quiet, collected minutes wherein we taste that elusive spice most of us crave: control. Of course, as a spice, Control is ok but Acceptance, generously sprinkled over the recipe of you,  is a far better seasoning. The truth is that life is more the duck feet paddling madly beneath the surface of the water versus the swan-like calm we aspire to.  But those duck feet are real and in this day and age, real is rare and oh-so-sweet. So, goodbye control, hello chaos and here’s a great big hug of ‘real’ – laced with …..acceptance.

Once you get the winter tires put on, sprayed your new winter boots, turned off the outside water taps, and the rake is put away along with the last of the leaves in the recycling bags, come back to the kitchen. Come cook or come bake; come spend some time listening to live radio or with the phone tucked in the crook of your neck, chatting with your best friend about what new recipe you’ve got to try or what nostalgic favorite has renewed allure. Between football games, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Raisin Bread Month and National Bundt Day (to name only a smattering of November food holidays), there’s likely going to be something you’ll want to make to mark the time of the season, both inside and out. And when you do start the stirring and braising, count the onions and your blessings –and then dig in. Life, as brought to you by the kitchen, can be beautiful.

Marcy Goldman
Author and Master Baker
Est. 1997

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