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May 2013 A Note from Marcy

 Spring Decadence in a Raspberry White Chocolate Cheesecake
FREE White Chocolate Truffle Raspberry Cheesecake Something pretty for May (or Mother's Day Brunch) or just deserve it!

Dear Fellow Bakers and Friends,

Each time I do this newsletter I think it’s the last time you will be receiving an email from me via this original site. But the complexity of the new site’s construction is making a patient woman out of me. I should be patient – I’m a baker!

No worries – I’m not going anywhere but the new site is close to being launched. I can almost taste it! I get nostalgic when I upload a new issue thinking how well this site has served me and you (and thinking it’s the last issue from the old site).  For real nostalgia, I visit old issues of BB (1997, 1998, 2000 et al) at*/ and I am amazed at the evolutions of the Internet, my site and even my recipe (and writing) style). Good food, great taste and the joy of fine baking remains – thank goodness. The new site is coming so have faith and stay tuned.

The new cookbook, When Bakers Cook, is about ready to hit the next level of editing – actually the proof-reading stage. Then onto book cover design and formatting. There have been countless hours of testing from over twenty testers who are your assurance each recipe is perfect and perfectly delicious. Stay tuned for more about When Bakers Cook as it nears the finish line.

Gluten Free?

With so much about gluten in the air and with the notion that gluten-free might be a dieting plus, I tried going gluten-free for a month. I almost felt like I was betraying myself and secretly leaving the fold. But I am open to most things and so I gave it a shot. I felt fine before going gluten-free and I am here to tell you, gluten-free made no difference to my weight or well-being. I did notice however that many of the gluten-free products on the market are expensive and while they are gluten-free, they are not nutritionally wonderful nor that tasty. Many of them are brown rice flour, thickeners, and starches of some sort and hardly complex (nutritious), good-for-you carbs. My advice on gluten free is to only go gluten free if you think it’s indicated (you’re celiac, or it’s of health or of diet benefit). Or, if want try gluten free, look for great gluten-free recipes you can make yourself. That way, the recipes are as wholesome as they are gluten free. I am happy I gave gluten-free a chance but also somewhat relieved that I can still bake traditional things and enjoy them as the treats they are.

Coconut Oil Pie Dough?

Still in service to healthy eating, I also tried making coconut oil based pie pastry –thinking that too would be a boon. I didn’t use   flavour-less coconut oil and so the pastry was almost soapy tasting with pervasive coconut. Moreover, it was crumbly almost to the point it was not usable. My bottom line on coconut oil pastry dough is to find the flavourless coconut oil and use the pastry to press into mini tart molds but expect some difficulty in rolling it out. Here too, much like my gluten free experiment, I discovered old-fashioned butter is still a good option (or try half coconut oil and half butter). I think coconut oil is best in things like brownies such as Coconut Oil Brownies.

Baking with Greek Yogurt
I've also been baking with Greek Yogurt so stay tuned next month for some Greek Yogurt recipes.

I am happy to share some incredibly special treats for this May including Free Mexican Vanilla Muffins in honour of Cinco de Mayo, aka my birthday - somehow I always forget Cinco de Mayo is not all about  me.

Warm wishes from my kitchen to yours,

Marcy Goldman

Author, Master Baker
Est. 1997

May 2013 Recipe Collection

FREE White Chocolate Truffle Raspberry Cheesecake
What’s light and decadent at the same time? This show-stopping cheesecake.

FREE Mexican Vanilla Muffins
Winsome little cakes sparking with flecks of real vanilla bean.

Chocolate Chip Mandarin Biscotti
Ever notice how conversations flow better when a jar of biscotti are nearby? This is a recipe even non-bakers can master.

Swiss Chocolate Strawberry Scone Cake Scone Cake  - with photo

One of my all-time favourites from The New Best of

Banana White Chocolate Chip Muffins Banana muffins  - photo

Coconut oil, whole-wheat flour and more – they’ll never guess. These are beyond sumptuous.


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