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April 2013 A Note from Marcy Baker's Stash

 Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies FREE !!!
One of my most luxurious cookies that is as easy as your average Tollhouse recipes.

Dear Bakers and Friends,

Welcome back to the kitchen. Put away the Easter eggs and the matzoh and dust yourself off. We're back to baking the regular stuff – which in April can be anything.

I’ve been busy finishing off the cookbook manuscript. There's a baker’s dozen of testers madly testing the last few recipes. The cookbook, When Bakers Cook,  is going to tally in at 175 recipes. Should I have left out an awesome chicken recipe or not given myself permission to include each and every delectable soup? I simply couldn’t cut back – everything is delectable. Besides which, the nice part of self-publishing is that there is no page-saving, miserly editor or publisher with a budgetary bottom line (which now that I am a publisher, I fully understand) is chiding me or telling me to cut recipes. At the last minute, I have also included a Bonus Baking Chapter in this amazing cooking book. The book will be available in print and as a digital version.
Once the recipes are done, the book once again go out to the 12 test volunteers for proof-reading before it goes to some hired editorial folks who will clean up even more.  This book is getting the same TLC as my traditionally published books have enjoyed. In essence, this book is for you all - my readers and visitors

Is this confusing or boring? If so, I’m not offended. To me, it’s all as exciting and as scary as the first time I coached baseball to 15 expectant eight-year old boys who all thought I knew what I was doing. I have no a clue what sort of publishing rabbit hole lies ahead of me; I only know I can’t wait on publishing to turn itself around or the Food Network to decide I’m special and golden. I am diving off a cliff with a blind-fold and can only hope I land safely. (I am hoping for a fall launch and will keep you posted)

With Passover in the air, several BB visitors sent me in online mentions of my Matzoh Buttercrunch recipe used at many other sites, sometimes with credit and often, not. At this point in time, not everyone knows or cares the recipe had an originator: me. But the most interesting link was the Martha Stewart video wherein my recipe, in some derivative was demonstrated by another baker. I wrote the MS folks who assured me ‘my’ recipe is not ‘mine’ and derivatives of it are all over the Internet and their method and recipe was slightly different.

The MS legal counsel also chided me that I am not even known to them. It was an attentive and courteous legal letter and there is, given recipes cannot be copyrighted, any recourse nor does that interest me. Nor was there any intention to use a recipe that someone else claims as theirs.  But I did take the occasion to remind the respected counsel that I am in fact, a culinary baking guest on the MS Sirius show (wherein I have been interviewed as the creator of this recipe) and my recipe was some years ago, presented to the Smithsonian as an example of an iconic recipe that does have an inventor. It was also cited as representative as a recipe that has become iconic and shifted the menu at Passover in homes all over North America. The gist of the Smithsonian presentation (and apologies for I lost contact with the person who presented) was about how some recipes can be so special, they become urban legend and change the fabric of how we make our food. 

The thing is (and this is always a surprise to some of my most illustrious colleagues on Cookbook Friends on Facebook) recipes cannot be copyrighted. More to the point: does someone using your stuff have any real negative impact? Not really. It's just annoying. But I know my recipes like I know my sons and as I emailed exactly that to the legal eagles at Omnia Media, (and bearing in mind we beg to differ on recipe ownership), there is a soul and spirit in each of my recipes (and yours) and I will, regardless of outcome, continue to speak up. What I really mean to relay to you is the same thing – regardless of outcome and no matter what it's about:  speak up. And then let go. And one day I hope recipes, like fiction and non-fiction or music, can have some protection via American copyright law.

Other than that, I am in a healthy mood and drinking green and white tea (twice the anti oxidants) and even created my own chemical-free cleaner (recipe is in this month’s issue) just in time for spring cleaning. Happy April and happy spring and as always,

Warm wishes and happy baking,

Marcy Goldman
Master Baker, Author
Est. 1997

Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies FREE
One of my most luxurious cookies that is as easy as your average Tollhouse recipes.

Classic Chewy Blondies

The golden girl of squares: chewy, sweet and the only response brownie burn-out.

Stove Top Coconut Cream Rice Pudding

I sweated over batches and batches of rice pudding to make this the best of a classic.
Simple ingredients produce ultimate comfort food. Just make sure you use a heavy bottom pot so there’s no scorching. The trick to this is a slow simmer but the reward is indescribable.

Free Chai Espresso

Spices such as cinnamon and cardamom are being touted as natural anti-inflammatories. They also happen to taste sublime in a café au lait. Calcium (in the form of almond or regular milk), and the goodness of spices and hot coffee make this the beverage of the hour.

Cinnamon Bun Muffins

Quick and easy and minutes later – you have cinnamon rolls baking in the oven. No yeast, no fuss little roll ups, delectable with a cinnamon filling and a halo of drizzled icing.

Lavender Orange Cleaner

Spring has sprung and I for one cannot pick up another bottle of strong-smelling cleaner, rife with chemicals and unpleasant, if not toxic, fumes. You can probably add a bit of baking soda to this for extra grit and cleaning powder but it’s fine as is. It isn’t for windows but it does just about all else. Plus the scent of lavender and orange is divine (and invokes serenity. Whistle while you work indeed!)

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