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March 2013 A Note from Marcy

Is the Mediterrean diet now trending?  Try Mediterrean Baking - sunny flavours and a healthy spin. Baking with honey, olive oil, interesting grains, nuts and berries. Start with a luscious Free Baklavah with Honey Lemon Orange Syrup or indulge in some other good-for-you treat.

Dear Bakers and Friends,

Welcome to the March 2013 issue of

I almost went the cookie route for this issue since that is where my head seems to be at lately.  Instead, I took a nobler path and am sharing some Mediterranean style baking with you. Why not? The Mediterranean Diet is what’s being hyped lately  and it essentially translates to are foods and/or recipes high in complex and interesting grains, a touch of honey, heart-healthy olive oil, fruit fresh and dried, as well as the good-oils of nuts. When it comes to the olive oil, make sure you start with great olive oil and you might want to read Extra Virginity,  The Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil Tom Mueller who wrote the olive oil bible that is getting rave reviews. When it comes to honey, Greek honey is sublime and the flavour maker in recipes that honey is the focal sweetener - so make it count.

I’ve also included something for St. Patrick’s Day, Easter and of course, a Passover recipe. As for the latter, there are many more Passover (as well as Easter) recipes in the Complete BB Recipe files and my cookbook. You can also head over to for my newest Passover feature and more free recipes.

Without further ado, since I am also baking a birthday cake for the baker’s son whose birthday is March lst, I will simply share the new treats. Enjoy!

Warm wishes,

Marcy Goldman
Master Baker, Author
Est. 1997

Baklavah with Honey Lemon Orange Syrup Free!!

Da Vinci Code Wheaty Rye Olive Bread

Baklavah Scones

Spelt & Whole Wheat and Flax Seed Bagels

Greek Restaurant Vinaigrette

This is one of my best recipes ever. I change the herbs and alter the vinegar (white balsamic, or red wine) but it remains an incredible vinaigrette that is worth its weight in gold. Just make sure you find superb olive oil.

Greek Fish
You could even make this with chicken filets but fish is omega rich healthy.

Spelt & Whole Wheat and Flax Seed Bagels
I make my bagels these days without the hole. In this case, these grainy bagels make wonderful sandwiches featuring the goodness of whole grains and are easier to fill or even press like Panini.

Mazurka Bars
These are a triumph. I never heard of Mazurka Bars, purportedly of Polish origin, until I read Bread Alone, a novel by Judith Hendricks.  I don’t recall a recipe in the book for these bars and a quick search (and hounding my few Polish friends) didn’t result in any recipe that resembled the description of a tart or shortbread bottom, a smack of tart apricot spread or filling and a luscious topping of caramelized walnuts. Some recipes online suggested coconut and oatmeal but I honestly couldn’t agree to those ingredients in a European pastry. So here are my Mazurka Bars – sweet, decadent and trust me – you will go wild for the taste of the caramel topping with the apricot layer that is such a nice surprise. I use homemade apricot filling such as a apricot hamantashen filling but you can also use a nice thick apricot jam (Middle Eastern stores have the best apricot jam) For the book,


Baby Irish Soda Breads with Baileys Irish Cream Glaze 
These are soda bread-for-two sort of soda breads, wonderfully rustic but taken up a notch with a touch of vanilla and an addictive Irish cream glaze. To give as gifts, wrap a couple of these in brown paper or a pastry box with a green ribbon, or in two’s in a cello bag with a green ribbon and a side packet of Irish Breakfast or Assam tea. The eggs are optional since true Irish soda bread does not use them but the eggs also help these sweet soda breads conserve a bit longer.

Passover Fudge Pecan Bars


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