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Welcome Fellow Bakers and Friends of, is essentially my original baking magazine I launched in 1997.

I am a cookbook author, pastry chef, food journalist and writer as well as the host, editor, head baker/creator and chief bottle washer of 

BB began as a few pages and quickly grew into a broad online baking and food magazine that showcases original recipes, baking techniques, profiles on products and ingredients, and book reviews. Scent of a Baker is another offering featuring ideas in home scents as well as profiles on perfumes and trends since I have a terrible penchant for perfumes. You can also visit the newer incarnation of Scent of a Baker at For some of my writing on tango, visit

My first cookbook, A Treasury of Jewish Holiday Baking was published in the fall of 1998 with Doubleday Books USA and Random House Canada. It is an incredibly comprehensive collection of strudel, bagels, cheesecakes, babkas, sour deli-style ryes and coffeecakes. It is probably most well-known for my Famous Matzoh Buttercrunch, Bakery Style Hamanatashen, Montreal Bagels, and my Majestic Moist Honey Cake. Originally nominated for the prestigious First Book Julia Child Award it has gone on to become a classic and in 2009, it was published in a 10th anniversary edition with Whitecap Books, complete with a ton of photos (finally!), and a bonus chapter on my Best Jewish Holiday Cooking recipes (Cola Brisket anyone?).

My second cookbook is
The Best of with Ten Speed Press USA and Random House Canada. It features 175 of the author’s original, favorite recipes from the first 6 years of www.BetterBaking.Com. This is a spunky collection of contemporary recipes including famous Notting Hill Brownies, Lawsuit Muffins and famed Tango Cookies and the best Lemon Square recipe in the world (I think). It also covers breads and pizzas on the grill, and a host of coffee time treats from scones, biscotti to cheesecake. It is an idea cookbook for both new and veteran bakers. Most recently it was republished in The New Best of, with Whitecap Books, and includes over 40 new recipes and a ton of new photos.

My third cookbook is the lovely A Passion for Baking, with Oxmoor House, 2007 is the latest and most comprehensive offering. It features over 250 recipes, photos, tips on techniques, recipe handling, as well as a comprehensive source guide to ingredients, tools, and other things. It is a masterful collection, that includes chapters on Cookies, Scones, Biscotti, to Chocolate, Fast and Easy, Healthy, Holiday Baking, Just Cheesecakes, Brownies, Sweet Yeast Baking, Muffins, Squares, Pizzas and Flatbreads, and hearth style breads. 

My 4th, recent cookbook is When Bakers Cook and it's my first cooking book and first self published cookbook. It just came out December 2013 and is available at or via this link:

There's also my blog at GoodReads at

My fifth cookbook is The Baker's Four Seasons, is on the way and it is a celebration of the seasons, in flour and is a stunning, lyrical book of recipes and seasonal moods (including some amazing holiday baking) and photos that are pure art.  All my cookbooks 
are available wherever cookbooks are sold, online or in major bookstores.

I am also a long-time contributor to major publications such as the New York Times, the Washington Post, Bon Appetit, Food and Wine, Cooking Light, Eating Well, Costco Connection, the Montreal Gazette, Los Angeles Times Syndicate, as well as online at You can also find me as a frequent guest on Martha Stewart Sirius radio on a couple of their food shows. Check the BB front page for upcoming appearances.

What will you find at
Something is always being created in the Test Kitchen. Each monthly issue features recipes that balance seasonal, holiday, classic, and contemporary home baking, as well as include a savory recipe or two.

My baker's mission is to share the professional tricks of the trade, built into each recipe I create. I hope to inspire you by offering special recipes along with my own passion for baking with both home bakers and professional bakers everywhere.

Happy Baking from my kitchen to yours,

Marcy Goldman
Author, Master Baker
Est. 1997

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