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May 2011 A Note from Marcy, Baker's Stash

Fresh Scones and Strawberry Jam ? It's British, it has a Mother's Day vibe, and it has Royal Wedding tea time written all over it. BB covers all the bases. Hey, it's just how we roll.



Dear Friends and Fellow Bakers,

April showers haven’t quite passed but the month of April has. That means Passover has passed, as well as Easter and happily, also tax season. It’s official: I officially welcome you to the merry month of May, home to my birthday, Mother’s Day, and a whole new season of flour and flowers. I feel re-energized and inspired and hopefully that’s reflected in this clutch of fresh recipes, the launch of a new blog or two, and of course some perfume recommendations and reviews. To me, May means all things feminine. And with the royal wedding just a few days’ past, recipes that have that Jane Austen sensibility about them seem to make sense in spirit and season.

I was feeling ambitious and also thinking of you. So I created a new blog that might evolve into a yet more informal niche to I haven’t officially launched the BB Blog but take a look at

Firstly, some of you want to know if you can still subscribe by the month or 4-6 months at BB.
Yes you can. Absolutely. Just go the To Subscribe page. The main gist of BB is to be a baking (and cooking) recipe resource. You can purchase a recipe here or there but better value is getting a few months’ subscription which entitles you to all the recipes in the Archives (2500 original recipes or so) and any new ones I create. If you find errors (I am a very human chef and working on a lean team on this end) just send a friendly email. You will find real, live, human help of the most responsive level to assist). If you need baking help – just ask. It’s free.

Free Recipes Not Accessible? The Browser Issue, and Cookie Enablers.... 
Last month, I offered many free recipes but some of you mentioned you could not access them. It seems you have to clear your browsers (and it depends on which browser you are using – Safari is a bit more problematic) and enable cookies (the electronic cookies, not the crunchy, sweet type). Then all the recipes should be accessible (because they were all free). If you need assistance ever on this, just email but please also know can also access a free recipe via the Search in the Recipe Search Box. 

New BB Blog and Scent Blog!

BetterBaking, The BLOG!

There were two ‘B’s’ and now, like the Cat in the House with the wee, extra cats there is BBB – aka Better Baking Blog.
This is a companion blog to and you can find additional recipes or the back story behind some of my famous recipes, as well as reflections, baking and cooking tips, and more. What more? I don’t know. I just launched it and not sure what directions it will go in but it should be fun and I will try and keep this consistent. If you sign up at the blog, apparently you won’t miss a thing.

Scent of a Baker is now at: is where my perfect reviews are going to these days. It is Scent of a Baker, my fragrance column, now housed in a blog. For suggestions on Mother’s Day Perfumes, please visit.

Tweet a Pocketful of Rye and Blackbird Pie
My life @Twitter.....
I really don’t get Twitter but I do appreciate it’s a convenient way to post both Tweets in the form of free BB Twitter Recipes or update you about food, tango, or perfume. The address is or you can find it via the Twitter link on the BB front page.
Authors at
Amazon periodically nudges me and other authors to do some social networking at Amazon. Here’s my link.
Recipes? New, Different, Classic, Trendy, Seasonal, Holiday or Healthy? Yikes!

Over the years, I’ve tried to keep BB current, trendy and in season. In 1997, that was easy enough; in 2011, it’s nigh impossible but I always give it a shot. I like offering in season or holiday recipes and bringing attention to them so you know they’re there. It also reflects how I live - connected in the same ways you are (give or take various life passages). But I am often torn by trying to be all things, all the time, to all readers. So many recipes, so little time. Even fishing them out of the Recipe Archives takes time. But more than this, I really delight just a wee bit more in doing interesting new recipes you won’t see elsewhere: eclectic, quirky, or nutritious (yes, me too – I am also interested in vegan, vegetarian cuisine, exotic foods and of course, some alternate, healthier baking). I often wish I could do it all – be both a rebel baker, a good-mother baker and also offer you an Epicurious or Food Network or buffet but it’s not possible.

So, let the record state:  If you need something classic, seasonal, or holiday, chances are it’s in my BB Complete Recipe Archives. Honest. Everything from a better Turkey Stuffing to an amazing Greek Restaurant Salad Dressing to lofty white breads, cupcakes, sugar cookies and Christmas log or a few perfect Mother’s Day brunch dishes - it’s all there. If it isn’t (and I am always tweaking and updating recipes in the Archives), tell me. Or if you can’t find a recipe,  ditto: email BB.

The second point is, whereas I can do the classic and basic stuff and love it all – my strong suit (according to publishers and agents who tell me from time to time) is bringing you new, different, fun recipes that are mouth-wateringly good – recipes no one else things of or can invent or think to create but recipes off the beaten track. That, I can do. It is also what keeps me percolating in the kitchen and perky in spirit. The recipes I create are often about where I’ve been in my daily (rather ordinary) life, or what I am thinking about (a food memory, refining a classic, creating a recipe to go with a movie, music or a film or perfume) or how I feel (i.e. I feel like a wheat meal digestive biscuit or I feel like a ‘better biscuit’ or I feel like enjoying a better spelt bagel or I feel like using up the blueberries I bought on sale or I feel like making a raspberry cheesecake into a scone, which as it turns out, I did this month). This sort of baking and writing is what spawned Matzoh Buttercrunch, Lawsuit Muffins and Tango Cookies among other landmark recipes. So, my apologies in advance if I don’t always have the best Tailgate Casserole Recipes Round Up for Super Bowl or miss out on National Peanut Butter Cookie Day or omit a Father’s Day Best Ever Rib recipe mention (but I probably have the recipes all in the Complete Recipe Archives). I assure you however, if you stay tuned, you won’t go hungry.

Happy May, and happy baking,

Marcy Goldman
Author, Master Baker

Mother’s Day Perfume Recommendations
Check it out at (and sign up so you get whatever updates I do).

Some marvellous free things and as always, at BB, we serve desert first (cooking recipes follow the baking) Lately, I am eating healthy things and this month’s offerings reflect that. But there are also perfect scones and a lovely cuppa tea to start you off.

British Buttermilk and Cream Scones for Tea FREE!!
Big, beautiful crusty ; buttermilk makes them high-rising;cream makes them rich and flaky. Perfect for tea and slathering on butter and Devon Double cream and a smear of strawberry preserves.
Tea Time Tips FREE!!
It's what you need to know at tea time.

Spelt & Whole Wheat and Flax Seed Bagels 
If you don’t find these the best bagels ever, you know bubkas about bagels. These are sublime, easy, stay fresh but freeze well and are ridiculously too tasty to be healthy.
Rustic Oatmeal, Kaumut and Dried Strawberry Health Scones
What I love about these rustic scones is they are they are very pure of taste – there's no chocolate chips, chunks of Snickers, no vanilla extra or hunks of candied ginger - there's just amazing taste and texture from the basic (but choice) ingredients. This is the real deal, old-fashioned baking, with a not-too-sweet, satisfying wholesome taste.
Quinoa Banana Muffin Tops 
I cannot resist these which is a surprise because the whole point of them was to make an extraordinary healthy muffin. I made them in muffin tops so as not to have a dense, thick, ‘tall’ muffin; muffin tops take a heavier batter and make them a bit more approachable. However, these are so absolutely, mouth-wateringly scrumptious, it wouldn’t matter if you baked them in an old pair of Nike running shoes. You can also substitute Splenda for the sugar and agave syrup for the honey and maple syrup (in which case, add ¼ teaspoon maple extract to retain the maple echo). A small amount of quinoa offers 15% of your daily iron intake.

Raspberry Cheesecake White Chocolate Scones FREE 
Perfect for Mother’s Day Brunch or a May tea time.

Quinoa and Chickpea Salad with Cranberries FREE 
I love the combination of couscous with nuttier quinoa, and wild rice. Add a few chick peas, I know – so much quinoa – but it’s so healthy and once I did one thing with it, one thing led to another. Wouldn’t quinoa?


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