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November 2010 Baker's Stash

FREE!!! [rl:2286] 
This is the crowd pleaser recipe I concocted for the family apple pressing I went to recently. I used what was around (plus had no pie or tart pans handy) and the result was a huge, open-faced tart with tastes of summer into fall, red,rosy, sweet and tart and delicious.

 Dear Fellow Bakers and Friends,

The recipe above is the result of pie dough and from time spent in the country in a kitchen not my own, at my brother's annual Goldman Apple Pressing. The Goldman Apple Pressing is an event not to be missed; it’s definitely an A list affair. I shouldn't name names but Glee TV series character Terri (Will`s errant wife) wasn`t there but her parents, Toby and Claire were which is to say there is a Canadian connection to Glee; actress Jessalyn Gilsig has the nicest folks who have graced many of our family gatherings for years. But the Goldman Apple Pressing is A list because it showcases the nicest time of year (October in the Canadian Laurentiens - not too far from famed Mount Tremblant), the nicest people (my brother and his wife Sheila, as much of our family and friends as can make the trip up north) and incredible food. 

People brought quiche, stew, dips, spreads, gourmet cupcakes packed in florist’s gift boxes, ambrosia (aka some weird but tasty thing with whipped cream, marshmallows and canned mandarin orange segments). My brother who manned the apple press (as did other volunteers), kept two Lodge cast iron Dutch ovens simmering all night with an incredible chilli con carne. There were vats of guacamole and corn chips. It also seems to mention that I have two brothers -both amazing fellows. But this particular older brother is a musician,photographer, wood furniture maker, cook (not a baker, not really, I``m sorry), fisherman, electrician, plumber, and composer. He`s also one of the nicest uncles and wonderful older brother you could be attached to.

And then of course, my contribution to the pot luck - of course, I baked. I am not keen to bake in someone else’s kitchen but I am always keen to bake. I made oodles of oatmeal cookies (and by hand – no mixer!) but the piece de resistance was the Apple Strawberry Rhubarb free-form tart. I used what was on hand – stealing the apples-meant-for-juice, and freezer berries and rhubarb. In the end, the tart was so large, we used an old cupboard door as the serving platter. The tart disappeared quickly –washed down with cups of cold, freshly pressed juice and hot coffee. People stayed for hours and happily, the weather (sunny and not too cool) cooperated. As everyone left to return to the city, I was happy to continue my country stay – tucked in the ‘Heidi loft’ bedroom. That is a wee bedroom that you climb up to with a steep pine stairway much like a bunk-bed ladder. From there, I saw the mountains and lake and wondered why it’s been so long since I was in the country. It’s where your thoughts settle and clear and the food, given the fall chill, tastes so much better. Or maybe it was the warmth of all that family and all those friends.

Don’t forget the amazing Lockwood muffin pans and loaf pans – now available via who volunteered to supply this amazing bakeware for my BB traffic. The muffin tin is what commercial bakeries use but Lockwood also offers standard muffin tins Golda’s can probably procure. Lockwood pans are glazed – so they are non-stick but wonderful in that they don’t over-bake things (as non-stick can do). They never need re-glazing or replacement – i.e. buy a pan once and it’s yours for life. (In restaurants and bakeries, they might need to be reglazed but for home bakers, it’s never necessary). There`s also the offerings at and their wonderful Lynch`s Hot Apple Cranberry tea which is my new addiction. Add some spices and brew up a hot batch to offer at your Thanksgiving Table.

As for the subscription thing, you can join for a max of 4 months - $4.00 USD monthly – just email for how to do this. Also, without deluging me with email, I could use your help. I launched 13 years ago. The recipes are being updated always (edited and refreshed) and new ones always invented (some go in my cookbooks buttons go exclusively on the website). If you see errors (clarity issues or editorial glitches), please let me know. I delight in ever cleaning up the recipe offerings, and appreciate your kind help in this regard. I want BB to be a resource for all of us – and standardizing the recipes, at the least, is part of this goal.
In addition, free recipes are indeed free. On occasion, the coding might not release a recipe so just email and we will tend to it quickly.

I would also like to mention that this being a season of blessings and gratitude, but also a difficult economy, if you or anyone you know is having a challenging time (I know very well what that is like) and could use a recipe here or there as a perk, let me know. I am glad to send it out on the house (and administrative time permitting). It would be my pleasure to keep home fires burning.

Halloween is already a memory, the U.S. Thanksgiving countdown and early Hanukkah is upon us. I extend my warmest wishes for the hospitality season.

Happy baking and sweet times in the kitchen and in life always,

Marcy Goldman

Master Baker, Author
Est. 1997

Apple Rhubarb Crostata 
This is the crowd pleaser recipe I concocted for the family apple pressing I went to recently. I used what was around (plus had no pie or tart pans handy) and the result was a huge, open-faced tart with tastes of summer into fall, red, rosy, sweet and tart and delicious.

Smash Apple Pie
From A Passion for Baking, Marcy Goldman, Oxmoor House 2007 (check the book for the gorgeous photo of this amazing recipe). This is a near-instant flash of a pie that is as good as the best pastry-shop offering. It uses two frozen piecrusts, shredded apples or regular wedges of apples (but if you shred them you don't have to peel them), and an oven—all for a pie that is ready in barely an hour. You can make Smash Pie with peaches, apricots, blueberries, or almost any fruit filling you choose. It is also aka First Apartment Pie, Bachelor Apple Pie, Baking Neophyte Pie, People Are Coming And I Forgot Dessert Pie - you name it - it resolves any sweet tooth.

BB's Complete Thanksgiving Complete Recipe Menu
BB Thanksgiving Now Famous Complete Thanksgiving Recipe Kit - 9 Recipes Only $2.49
A special promotion of the now famous 9 of my special recipes that celebrate Thanksgiving (Canadian or American) including, Old Fashioned Perfect Roast Turkey, Best Thanksgiving Stuffing Not-Out-of-a-Box, Layered 'N Baked Best Ever Cranberry Sauce, Best Ever Giblet Gravy,Thanksgiving Scalloped Potatoes, Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes, and Durkee Green Onion Casserole, Thanksgiving Roasted Sweet Potato and Marshmallow Casserole, and of course a vanilla-kissed, BB Classic Pumpkin Pie. One batch, one price - just print it out and head to the kitchen. Check out the Thanksgiving Breads Collection, Cranberry Collection and BB Thanksgiving Desserts - all on promotion this month -many recipes/one price.  

!!FREE!! Best Ever Turkey Frame Soup 
Keep that turkey makes a sumptuous, full-bodied, heart-warming soup that is so good, that next year, you will rush through the Thanksgiving dinner just so's you can make up a pot of this great, fully flavoured, hearty soup. Honest - this will become the new main event.
!! FREE Golden Corn Rolls for Thanksgiving 
Johnny-come-lately and you'll miss this great corn roll. A cross between a rich white bread and golden yellow corn bread…if you can imagine.  These are tender, golden, slightly sweet - and perfect to sop up gravy or as the foundation of a Cranberry Turkey Club sandwich the day after Thanksgiving. Make some little ones for the bread basket and some larger ones as sandwich rolls. If you want a traditional cornbread, there are a few in the Recipe Archives. Just remember that stone-ground cornmeal is best. 

Sweet Potato Applesauce Muffins 
A unique and most toothsome dessert mini loaf old-fashioned muffin.This combination of pureed cooked pumpkin (or mellow butternut squash) applesauce, and chopped whole dates and yellow raisins makes for a unique and most toothsome dessert mini loaf, which is especially nice for harvest suppers or Thanksgiving. Few tasters can identify the medley of flavours but the scent of these muffins baking causes a run on the kitchen. For the best ever muffin tins, try 

Serve a basket of these at your next turkey dinner, or as a dessert, with homemade apple sauce or vanilla custard. Make miniature sandwiches by splitting biscuits, coating with dijon mustard and filling with a few slices of smoked turkey or Black Forest ham.  You can also use pureed pumpkin for these amazing pans available from

Filo Pumpkin Tart 
Greek Pastry Chef meets Pilgrim’s Progress….or something like that.
This is a cradle of golden filo pastry that swathes itself around a silken pumpkin pie filling. So quick and easy, so sinfully good it is an instant, new tradition.

Cheesecake Stuffed French Toast with Cidered Apples 
This is a great company dish for brunch. You can prepare it the night before and reheat. But either way, it is great big buttery slabs of fresh toast, stuffed to the gills with a cheesecake filling and covered in a mellow, apple topping. !!Free Twitter Recipe Harvest Cinnamon Apple Squares
Nothing beats this stupendous easy but impressive apple square.

Butterscotch Bread 
This is really more of a brown sugar tea cake you will devour, than a bread but butterscotch bread sounds more interesting. It is a light, moist, deeply caramel tasting cake, with a thin sludge of brown butter fudge topping. A one layer pan cake that is a nice change from chocolate.

Harvest Crunch Brown Sugar Cheesecake
A perfect holiday cheesecake for the winter season or simply if you have a crowd that loves brown sugar swirls and chunky oatmeal crunch in a creamy batter. The best granola for the job is Quaker’s Harvest Crunch. Some is used in the crust and more is thrown into the batter, where it bakes up soft and a touch chewy, and nestles into pockets of oaty/nutty/brown sugar goodness.
Garlic and Red Bean Chili
My version of a bowl of red`` - a zesty, piquant, deeply flavored chili to warm up a sports weekend fall, winter, or a chilly night in-between seasons.  Texans make a face if you mention tomatoes or beans when it comes to chili; Cincinnatians add cinnamon to theirs and it often appears atop spaghetti. Californians, well, Californians do what they like (add beans, tofu, chocolate and kiwi to taste...just kidding). Here's my version of a bowl of red``. It offers heat, spice, bold flavor and rib-sticking beefiness and a big smack of garlic. My brother makes a version of this but simmers it overnight in a Dutch oven from The Lodge.

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