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February 2009 Baker's Recipe Stash

Triple Chocolate Molten Caramel Cheesecake Stuffed Brownies

Dear Fellow Bakers, Baking Friends, and anyone who likes great food,

It’s one of my favourite of all baking months as if you didn’t know. And it’s not just about the baking – it’s about hearts. I love hearts all year round but come February, they’re everywhere. What is it about hearts that are so cheering?
If hearts don’t do it for you, this issue of is packed with decadent goodies to bake and share, mostly in a chocolate theme but I’ve added the Simple Irresistible Caramel Cream Puffs for some amber relief and a free Hungarian Bean Soup and luscious Clementine and Lime Currant Scones for some baker’s version of vitamen C.
Super Bowl Snacks
In case you missed, one of my best snacky food round ups, whether it’s Super Bowl or not.
Pure and Simple Buttermilk Vanilla Pancakes
A comfort food classic that is so good you'll want these both weekend days, causing you to wonder if like Bill Murray of Ground Hog Day movie fame, you're living the same breakfast twice. Worst things can happen. Pancakes or waffles are just the thing for a brunch or a lazy morning. 

These are as the name implies, simply irresistible.
Classic Butter Vanilla Cupcakes
Finally, a light, moist golden batter that makes perfect cupcakes. No need to turn to a mix.This is also suitable for sheet cakes and birthday. The icing is the classic butter-confectioners’ sugar one made with pantry ingredients. However, for the better, best, real icing pastry chefs use, find, borrow or steal white fondant (it is soft and comes in pails or bags and decorating places or bakery supply places have it).
Coca Cola Chocolate Cupcakes
These terrific dark chocolate cupcakes, based on a vintage chocolate cake recipe, are perfect for any occasion. No creaming. Easily made by hand. Can be doubled and tripled with perfect results. Cola is the secret ingredient.
Fallen Angel Chocolate Souffle Cake with Warm Caramel Sauce
A light, moist, decadent chocolate soufflé cake made extra special with crème brulee topping. Cue violins. Expect a proposal (the decent kind).
Red and White Giant Valentine’s Day Cookies
Like New York Black and White Cookies, these are big, crisp and gorgeous butter sugar cookies. One side is white fondant and the other side is red – very Cupid does Yin Yang. These are, fondant and love notwithstanding, the best sugar cookies on the planet.


Wickedly dark and decadent, this cake sports a touch of bourbon inside  (but you can substitute brandy or espresso), and a halo of white chocolate ganache. The texture of this cake is quite unbelievable – it is moist but light, dense, but lofty – frankly, I’ve never created a chocolate cake quite this texture. It stays fresh for days too. This cake is just…divine. It requires a slow bake to keep its wonderful character intact.

White Chocolate Truffle Raspberry Cheesecake
This cake is over the top - in look and in taste. Don't let the components intimidate you.There is no need to do it all in one day. You can freeze the baked cheesecake and garnish with the white chocolate topping and raspberries an hour or so before serving. Work with melted chocolate at room temperature for best results. This is a sublime concoction of all your favorite flavors. Isn't it romantic? Sure, in an over the top, pure seduction sort of way.

Bake this in a heart-shaped cheesecake pan if you have one. A silky, creamy cheesecake is fused to a topping of chocolate covered cherries (you know, the ones you have leftover from the holidays?). The result is a fondant, chocolate 'n cherry molten goo atop of creamy cheesecake. Is this candy, cheesecake, or heaven? This is just another one of my over-the-top cheesecakes
Oreo Cupcakes
A 9 cup food processor can handle this recipe but if yours is smaller,  switch to your stand mixer for this adult and kid-charming recipe. The Oreo cookie bottom bakes right into the batter making a sweet solid base and nice change of texture as you bit through these gems. Use any type of Oreos you like (Double Stuff or Chocolate or special editions). These are a delicate, black and white cupcake, studded with chopped Oreos on top and a drizzle of chocolate glaze. Great summer food or party fare for kids.

Valentine's Day Truffle Raspberry Cake
A silky, dark chocolate wonder – somewhere between a cake and a torte, this deep, moist cake features fresh raspberries, raspberry eau de vie (if you have it; otherwise use a bit of raspberry extract) and is topped with ganache and dusted with cocoa for a truffle effect. Scharffen Berger semi-sweet chocolate or perfect or any similar high quality chocolate such as Callebaut or Lindt. Garnish with a fresh raspberry or two. For some people, raspberries and chocolate is their fatal attraction. What a way to go......

Shortcake by any other name, in any guise. Heavens ! This is so/so/so good! Berries and a coating of Swiss chocolate on a buttery scone, aka rich, buttery shortcake base. This recipe is the bomb which explains why it is downloaded constantly. It has shades of country fair crossed with Black Forest Cake - Nothing but nothing is as fresh, decadent, and easy or crowd-pleasing as this cake. It makes two small ones or a double decker one. You can make the cake part a day ahead and then assemble minutes before serving or up to 3-4 hours (and refrigerate). You can top this with warm fudge sauce.
Cream Puff Cake
This assembly of choux paste layers makes a giant éclair. Looks like a cake but goes together like pastry. A filling of whipped cream and pudding is a shortcut for “crème légère” (usually made with homemade pastry cream or custard). You may forego the white icing glaze and simply use the melted chocolate.

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