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Reviews from the world of music - including Jazz, Broadway, Rock, Pop, Tango, World Beat, R&B. Whatever you're baking, it's more fun when you set it to music. .

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Homage to Astor Piazzolla
Catherine Wilson et al

I first heard a cut of this amazing CD with Katherine Wilson, Erica Beston, Amy Laing, Sharon Prater, Dave Young, Dave Campion and Philip Seguin on CBC radio. The cut was Oblivion and it was so Astor Piazzolla and yet so completely new and other-world, I pulled over (I was driving at the time), parked and listen. No - I 'inhaled' the music. It was the stuff that makes you feel struck -that is how poignant and acutely precise the music was. Then came the whole CD which has all your Astor P's favourite tango pieces, from Libertango, Milonga del Angel and Oblivion - It is a treat, it is an oasis- and a must-have tango cd for your collection of the tango cd to gift someone with for whom tango music is new.

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