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Welcome to BetterBaking.Com!

Launched in 1997, by author and master baker, Marcy Goldman, is a monthly online magazine which features a a sampling of free, original recipes, as well as updates on my cookbooks and other culinary news. Currently, the Complete Recipe Archive has over 2500 recipes.

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Each monthly Note from Marcy features a few free recipes and some great baking tips. Free membership puts you on my mailing list and is the best way to stay in touch with free recipes, author updates such as new cookbooks, features and appearances.

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When you need one unique recipe and/or are new to, just click on the recipe you want and follow the payment and recipe retrieval process. (You have 24 hours access of any recipe you purchase). If you have any technical issues, please contact We will never leave you without your recipe purchase so never fret - help is always here. 
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Please note that all subscriptions are non-refundable. reserves the right to modify the terms of subscription without notice. is not responsible in the case site failure or limited access due to technical failure, piracy, or sale of website. This said, it is our intention to provide you with unique, original, tested recipes and a wonderful browsing experience. We are happy to hear from you anytime you require further assistance.

Recipes online, featured in newsletters or previous issues, occasionally make the cut and graduate to a new cookbook manuscript, in print or digitally. In those cases, you might discover a broken link.  Do let us know and we can confirm if it is a mechanical glitch or the recipe has indeed gone on to other pastures.

My cookbooks are available at,, Barnes and Noble, Chapters Indigo, Kindle and Itunes - and all my books are offered in ebooks or in print. On Amazon, you can (in the U.S.) obtain Kindle Book Match which bundles together my print and ebook for one bargain price. Be sure to check it out!


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With this option, you can purchase a recipe at a time. Kindly note that recipes are non-refundable. If you need assistance with a recipe retrieval, please, contact us. There is also an Alphabetical Index so you can also see and search recipes in that format.

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This is a great way to get to know my magazine, recipes and my cookbooks.

Please note we reserve the right to remove selected recipes that are either special edition recipes, that appear online briefly and/or recipes that are under publisher agreement for print cookbooks and print feature work. In general, free recipes are free for the month/issue they appear in (May Free Recipe is free for May, etc. but if you look at past issues, it might say 'free' but the time period is past)

We advise you also keep a record of your Paypal payments for recipes. Your payment receipt is a handy reference to keep. Please note that Recipe Purchases are non-refundable (but baking help is always available free with recipe purchase) nbsp;

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Occasionally, due to different servers' protocols on the Internet, some subscribers do not receive their newsletter. Make sure you are not spamming out nor is your service provider. If you have not spammed BB out, and are still not receiving the newsletter, please let us know. However, the newsletter, being an online publication, is always available online the first of the month and both visible and accessible online.

Copyright Notice 
For all our visitors, as well as cooking professionals, fellow cookbook authors, food journalists and culinary teachers, food websites, kindly appreciate that all recipes and text are Marcy Goldman/ original, copyrighted materials. If you wish to use a recipe in a feature, in print or online, or other professional pursuit, please contact We also kindly ask that BB recipes not be posted on other websites unless otherwise authorized or send a request.

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